Baby steps

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Re: Baby steps

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I like to look to the "little forest" right down my balcony ;)
And it was the one thing which I asked for ;) - that crisis has begun before builders will eat this wood :)
Yess :) Now they havn't money to do this :twisted: :lol:
dixie ;)

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Re: Baby steps

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If u r really curious, then why not to share :)

i love those moments, whiche one of the kind, while i was reading ur post the image from a year ago came up on my mind, i live in city central of the bigest city in the country, im pretty laid back, and lazy, so i watch everyday crowd all the time, and there was one sundawn, it was raining, but already stoping, clouds geting rare, so more sun beams of the red sun were coming from, and cristals of the rain in the air, and i lookd down the streat/road i live on, everything people, nature, cars and buildings were in complite harmony,, and at the same time its cbd, but at that moment it felt like an open field, or farm. i stoped and enjoyed the moment for a few minuts even thou i was late at work :)
but latly, its my relaxing refreshing spots are ither in park which is 40 mins walk, or main warth?, but the main atribute is the starts(mostly clear view of moon casue not many stars in city) plus the ocean, and complite peace and quate(usualy im there in late evening, or midl of the nite).. and thing i never can get tired of, its loughing at the drivers who stuck in the trafic from my window, i can see the main roads and harbout brige from my balkony :)
still, there is nothing more buitifull and as fascinating as the Gods creation of the nature, clouds and sun light drows the most mystical and cute shyt :)

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