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Ultra wrote:I would like to get connected to whatever is available at the moment in whatever state I am ... without waiting till I "ripen", or get "activated" or whatever else it may (or may not) need to happen.
My current "connection" with the Whole is like an ADSL line in a remote area with massive outages and interferences on the line. I have great days and moments when I am just "happening" and live Life to the full, when I perceive and experience the omnipresence. Along with this I have heavy moments of gloominess, disconnection and feeling like a misfit.
This intermittency puzzles me because, for instance, any activity at work completely takes over my mind and I ... forget about the connection with The Whole. :? It’s almost like being a "fair-weather jogger"(i.e someone who only jogs when the sun is shining)

The question is "How do you Walk The Line"? How do you manage to keep the stability of your connection with the Whole? how do you remember so you do not "forget"? :oops:
Hello Ultra,

I feel that the discontinuous capability to "stay connected to the whole" is a crucial point about the way the transformation process works.

We are integrating a lot of light into the physical body, so the body is learning how to hold so much light without burning :D These very first times are tiring and energy consuming. The body is doing the the best it can, leaving enough room to recover itself from the reactions due to so powerful waves it/we are exposed on.

We are the first physical beings who are doing this work. This evolution process should happen naturally, without any specific intervention of our mind to manage or control something. We are going beyond the mind. So, we just need to be aware of the process, feel it and recognize the incremental improvements of our connection capabilities even if they are discontinuos and unmanageable at this stage. This will sustain and encourange our body to go on, as a baby who is learning to walk :D


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