Welcome to the English forum!

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Welcome to the English forum!

Post by Irinushka »

Welcome to the English forum!

As you have already seen, this site is composed of three “little houses”, the Russian one, the Italian one and the English one.

Each “little house” has its own way of accompanying and reflecting the processes relative to the progress of the new reality on the Earth.
The differences characterizing the energetic “profiles and patterns” of these languages and their specific acoustic features enable a more complete reconstruction of the transformative Wave’s whole puzzle.

By using more languages we have a wider, more redundant, more synergic and multi-vocal monitoring system.

When, for example, the Russian system is temporarily stuck in neutral, unable to catch and reflect the current time “spiritual karaoke”, another language, with its own melody and way of vibrating, could succeed and more easily get synchronized with the Whole.

And it’s exactly in this way that this forum has been born: with the urgent purpose of opening an alternative passage, of involving a vibrational space different from the Russian one that, for a series of reasons, lately has undergone a very strong pressure that was almost disintegrating it and consequently now needs to “rest”, “recover” and “lick his wounds”.

And it can do so by drawing from this new virtual space that, even if just born, looks as a very strong, powerful and luminous space.

On behalf of myself and of all Forces that protect our site and its specific communication areas I wish you a pleasant, interesting, stimulating and instructive stay in this forum. :)

I wish you to understand the others and be understood by the others, to feel at your ease and to learn many new things. I wish you to exchange your uniqueness and inner riches naturally and spontaneously with the others.

Thanks very much for being here!

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