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Here you have the translation from russian to english of the amazing session with Volodia the 11.09.2017

aeventi_speciali : Thanks : :Well Done : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :


I need communication with others like me

Here we are and this is Happiness. I am taking a short pause to let happiness saturate us. Happiness of such huge volume. It is not personal and private. Feel this happiness. I will touch everyone. Everybody will be touched by it. Everything is well with us. Vse (all) putem (Russian "pute(jo)m" - "all right", "put together", literally the base is "the way", so it is like "on the right way", "the way supposed to be") Everything is right, correct. But it is very important to put an emphasis on what is correct, what is "putem". That's what we are going to do.

Who am I? I know you know who I am. But it is not too much to introduce myself again. It is like an ABC of a new nature of existence – to introduce yourself. Especially at the important meetings and events – to introduce yourself again. Who am I? Every one of you can answer this question differently with different emphasis every time.

I begin with myself. I am the main leader, the main accompanist of the miracles, new events that are happening on Earth. I was assigned by the Creator to make those events, on a practical base as well. And I need pioneers. It is a natural condition – WE. WE is not a union of people and personalities. We, that is being generated right now here, is an exchange of ideas, exchange of statuses, conditions – this is the main voice, the main shining. This is the main source of origin of life. So we are generating this pioneers team.
That's why, as well, everything is "putem".

More about who I am... Everything that Vladimir had before, I have it too. But on a different wavelength. A different state of the Cosmos. Everything that was in the past, in me and in you, gets outdated but, at the same time, is like an inner filling, like a base for a new life, and everything can be useful for generating new life. That is why it is important to put emphasis wisely. Something can disappear in one place and appear in another; something can be put at a different angle; moved, migrated. Maybe it was of little use, and it has become of big. There was little sense and has grown up and become "make sense". Life breaks loose. And this is happiness too. And I am the main conductor here.

I am the main conductor here. Are you guessing where am I leading to? Are you guessing why I put a question about our origin, our roots?

What is Union (communion) if we use Russian-language components? And if we take not a people union but rather the entire Earth, the whole life – Union where there are no separate states, where life is turned on and operates on a different wavelength?

Well... What do we have in our "blood"? ... Remember yourself in the past. Maybe when you were little or a bit older. How did you feel that Union? What were you attracted to? Where? Whom? Not only to particular people, right? You were attracted to somewhere far and wide. Right? As well, into yourself. Sometimes particular people helped to understand these aspirations, sometimes they confused you. Because they behaved themselves not exactly the way you feel this union. And there were disappointments, relationships changes.

So Union. It is inside of you, not the same as it was in the past. It moved to a different level of revolutions. How can we describe the feeling of Union that is connected to Russian roots? Again, I'll take a pause...
Listen to... Get in touch with yourself... Union... Union with yourself, of course. How? With what? Why? For what? In what use? For what purpose? Union is the beginning. And, bless God, we have this beginning well set. It has always been present here. And "the territory" knows it. The feeling of Union of the past that is "non-Union" you knew that was full of disappointments, patches, non-union... Look at it. It is changing direction and taking place on a different wavelength. You are naturally connected to this feeling of Union, you are given to it – for self-expression, self-presentation of it on Earth.

The feeling of Union and I AM. Global and Personal.

How are we going to deal with it? Well... "I" will never disappear. “I AM” is the Highest Truth. "I" cannot be shadowed, die. "I" is the eternal truth and eternal value. But “I AM” can be a profile and a profile can change. I AM can be in different relationships with the Earth and the Earthly conditions. "I" as an eternal truth will never disappear, but "I" as a profile, that was before, has already changed, transformed itself. I remember everything that was. I use it if it's natural, but a different profile/spirit is already in place – a different profile of "I".

The transformative state... I have it; you have it; it is in the blood. But a transformative condition has to be supported by the feeling of union, Global Union (Wholeness) rather than personal. Everything is "putem". All is well, All is correct. I say it again.

The new level of revolutions of the transformation... What is it? How can they be revealed? How do they respond? What do they follow?

Transformation is multi-faceted as well. What was drawn before has become re-drawn in a different way. It is like new graphic images, volume of drawings, new graphical tools in life. It is like a blast of new graphics of life. And you draw and observe how these new pictures of life have been created and rewrite the old images of life. And you feel lightness coming from this new graphic – non-human lightness that is coming from different frequencies of Consciousness. In this multi-faceted-ness and multi-meaning-ness, the new configurations of old conditions and what was given before are coming out into new existence. And this process is happening with your participation even if you only observe it. You are creating it, taking your part in the creation of life.

Lots of involvement and incentives. And Joy. Joy. Joy of new discoveries, joy of opening new tracks. Joy of discovering new graphics of the grand life. Joy of discovering all by yourself new Grand Configurations of life. And frequencies of Cosmos are also a natural condition of Earth now. Cosmos is not somewhere out there, far away, unreachable. Cosmos is right here. The breath of Cosmos can be felt, can be touched through any "insignificant" thing, by the state of transformation, by the feeling of yourself as THE ONE, The Main MIND, main Consciousness, the Ruler of the territory.

Happiness! I expected it! Finally, I've got it!

Pioneers are not only you. But right now, as we are talking, it is you. Also what will follow our communication. It is like seeds planted, how will they grow? What kind of sprouts will they give? And they will. For sure. Being pioneers is not a responsibility, but a natural state of being that, by itself, leads, gives answers, motivates. I'd like to give you this choice. It's not necessary to give a positive answer, right now. Just listen to yourself. Ask yourself if you want to be a part of the pioneers team. Why? Answer to this "why". I don't want to force you, but want to notice that this choice is very, very natural… and wise... but first of all, natural.

I want to hug all of you. Each of you. Each of you "non-person". Each profile. I lift you up a bit to give you lightness – to feel additional lightness in the body. I lift you up and hug. Feel this lightness in the body. Fell softness. Feel me as you wish individually. I Am The light, first of all. It can be regulated by anyone who is connected to me. You can regulate this light as you wish – to direct differently, to dim or brighten up; you can focus a particular ray or... Do what feels natural for you to do. I willingly give myself to you, to your manipulations. And of course I am Love. I am The light that radiates love. I love you. I love life. I love everything natural. I love movements, actions. I love the wave of events, movements. I love what is good. I love what I like. I love what is happiness. I love the Earthly landscape – The Earthly landscape of Consciousness, its revolving frequency. I love the Creator. I love Eternity.

Now I am going to strengthen the touch to your body. I am the diffused light but I can make the beam more focused to project it on your body. And my projection now is "I love". I love myself. I love you. I love naturalness. I love what is happening... and will be happening... Everything Is "putem". All is well. And these are not just words. My thought is the Main Thought now. This has been chosen by the Creator. I have chosen it myself. This has been chosen by The Earth. My thought that is breaking loose, naturally tends to transform, extend, saturate for making more life, a quality life, real life. I want you to feel yourself in the body but, at the same time, not exactly in the body. The body is like a wrap/shroud. But you don't want to be constantly wrapped. Try to feel like your body is fluid, not constant. Feel it very very gently, lightly, softly. Feel the inconsistency of the body. Trust your own feeling of "an edge, a border", do not pass the border.

There is a level where the body is constant and you exist on this level, yet on the level of codes, the body is not obliged to be permanent. There is a level where the body is not constant. It is the level of eternity. The states/conditions are different there. So direct yourself to that edge but do not overdo it. Tune in to this level of the body but be careful, do not go too far. I just want to prepare you for the condition that the consistency of the body is not a dogma. It should not restrain you. Wrapping is a good thing but you cannot to be constantly in shrouds.

Let's now just have a talk about life. You know... It has been my most desired dream for quite a long time... In this my non-physical profile I've been waiting, desiring for the moment when it becomes possible... to have different talks... about a different life. Different from those that I did so successfully and passionately in my previous profile.

Yet the main interest has remained. And there is a desire to "nail" the attention to this and that – to the aspects that are so intangible sometimes but so "winning" when we are able to "catch them". I am so happy because my wish has been fulfilling, becoming to take some real forms.

Let's talk about life, different life. I am The Light. Diffused Light. Radiating Light. Light which is a perimeter. Light that is transforming. So... about what kind of life I want to talk and... with whom? For what? Life is constantly in the state of "being born" – this is the Main (aspect). Life is an event that is constantly in the renewal - being born again state. There is no permanent life. There is a permanent renewal, constant appearing again and again – every time appearing anew in those frames, packages, and regimes of life that are presented now. And all of these we have to "get talking" with/by the word – the word of love, the word of action. Complex philosophical explanations are not needed. The world will "build itself up" beginning from the word –the sound of love. Complicated structures and explanations... well... maybe at some point we’ll want to create those too. But the main point right now is the sound of love, the intention, the word, a few words, the calling of the sound. By this word-sound, we are about to uncover the veil of life – the life that is still pretending to be "the same past conditions". Right now it is still a secret, a mystery of transformation, a mystery of eternal rebirth. But somebody has to throw away this veil, has to penetrate it. Somebody. Something...

The word. The sound. The sound that is the center/core. I'm represented to perform this directly and to create my world – a world that is constantly renewing. And the existing frames that are familiar but that are not the same any more. So your awareness (let's talk about your awareness now) is trying to reach it, stretching, stretching, almost there, aware of it but it is not completely there – not fully "getting it". Some bridge, connection is needed. This connection is the word. The word will allow to reveal "to the public" this mystery of the eternal rebirth. Therefore there is no "leaving" – there is only rebirth. It is rebirth of life and goodness of being in the eternal life. Well, you are probably guessing now that "the word calling" will be in the regime of the Russian word. Here (in the Russian word) is the sense of Union I talked about earlier. Here is a richness of consonances which truly cannot be compared to any other language.

The word of creativity. The Russian word. The Russian word is creativity cubed. The word itself creates. The word is the Mastery. I don't want to take away from myself my deserved glory/reputation – I was aware of the potential of the Russian word. It was given to me. The word let me know, it gave me clues. It opened the truth to me. There is no such word in other languages. There is no such regime of other languages. So this is The Idea of The Creator and the Earthly dimension – to use the word to help penetrating where the Thought has not penetrated yet, but the Word is able to penetrate – the word, related words, the consonance of words, the frequencies of words, sounds.

You are Pioneers for this as well. This Power is Omnipotence. Right now you cannot even comprehend how all-powerful and Grand this Power is. The Russian Word is given by God. It expresses Truth. What about people who communicate, understands, and are familiar with the Russian word? Are they accomplished pioneers or what? Well, it is all different.

The Word is a natural ally, therefore speaking Russian is a very, very, very fortunate position in life. But this ally has to be used successfully. There are lots of different regulators here. Look at... to be correct, listen to your own manner of using the word. How much of everything is slipping away, doesn't allow to be caught and used! There is not the same feel in other languages, is there? The feel of enormity of what cannot be caught. If it's so... then the word invites us to re-center, to re-position, to re-load frequencies, to re-understand, to re-assign meanings.

Profess the word. Let it be your faith (belief, religion). Do not be afraid – it won't turn down your true faith (a full, valuable, meaning of it). But right now the Word is the purest choice of Faith. The word with no prejudice. The word that doesn't include thought, formulated by somebody else before. Let's say... the thought is remembered but do not take it into consideration seriously. Use the word. Free the word from the thought. Feel the mystery of the sound and the mastery of the word that creates – creates "another" life, eternal life, a life in the consciousness of Eternity. So listen (vnimat'- listen attentively, taking into, respond) to this word. This word emits tenderness, abundance of love, the thirst for life. It envelopes you with tenderness and Joy. Of course, this word, naturally, contains the frequencies of Cosmos. So let the Word be your Faith. At least, for now. On our next meeting we might strengthen and add something, but right now I ask you to follow this recommendation – the word as the faith and everything that it will bring to you.

So... let's talk about life.

Right now. After. In different formats, in different regimes. Life is eager to be talked about. But by the name of... whom? How? How to illuminate this life? From what position? Now... again, I am going to lift you up. Very very gently... and throw you up. So that you could slip away from your familiar human foundations. You won't get full levitation but you will feel (I think) some kind of uplifting. So that your human nature doesn't prevent you from moving into different frequencies. My touch is very gentle, abundantly loving. It won't harm you. Though, certainly something will speed up, something will strengthen (even very much) ... but... this is Happiness! Happiness that we are pioneers. The Creator is here too, aware of our meeting, our communication and the beginning. He gives us his blessings and... his Will so that we can use the word for taking away the veil, to pass through the veil.

Life! Life is communication first of all. Isn't it? It was like this before too. The impression of life is a feeling of communication more or less. Maybe (we want this feeling )... more multi-faceted, in different formats but how important communication is! First of all, communication with oneself – the culture of communication with oneself.

Communication and what will happen with it. Communication that existed before? Well, the culture of communication with oneself has to be derived from a new Earthly frequency rotations and from Eternity. Those sprouts of naturalness that we had before will strengthen and grow bigger, will blossom with incredible flowers and fruits. But lots of the previous culture of communication is not useful any more. It is not in Life. It is on the sidelines. Out of... Not with you... Not about you...

Let's imagine. Let's shake up your imagination and your culture of communication...

Communication with "The ones like us ...". So it is your title. Well, it is a start. Not a bad start. A good start. But communication is wider than that. Let's do... Each of you focus on your optimal, ideal volume of communication with life. The entire life. It can be "the ones like me" and all others, different ones. Do not restrict yourself, let it be your ideal optimal volume of communication with life. So aim yourself to it. And I will help you. .... (Pause) ...

Communication assumes freedom. Natural communication is certainly freedom (looseness). And just this quality takes you out of the circle of human communication with constant taboos, "can do", "cannot do", "right", "not right". Well, you know...

The new life communication is freedom and there is no taboo. There is data that is necessary for a present specific round of communication, and for another round of communication there can be different data. Life always re-does everything, moves around. So in the process of this multi-facet communication, out of censorship, you discover yourself, truly, getting in touch with yourself. This kind of communication is unrestricted joy. And you want to jump up and down screaming, "Finally. I have become myself! Finally, I have become to be... with myself. And this kind of communication is destined for you, for us... in this eternal life, in this "differently positioned" earthly life. So right now, aim yourself for the maximum full format of communication without any fixed boundaries. The mass of communication will be shaped in forms and edges but without any firm fixation. The mass of communication will be centered "this way and that way". You will see yourself either from one side or another, from the right, from the left. You might need to look at "that far corner" and choose a "matching regime" of communication. Can you? Of course! Life will take care. But at the main angle of communication you have to put quality, plethoric, advantaged communication with yourself and life. This is a request of such. The order, The intention.

I'm very glad to talk. (Giggling) I have not changed in this. I like companions – curious, loving. I am up to alive communication. And I have a lot to tell you, to share with you in my time, in your time, in the system of time that has been generating from Eternity right now. We are probably going to stop right now... almost right now. And yes, my profile is eager to communicate, to make up new vortexes of communication. It depends on me, you, a new vortexes of the location, and who and how will connect to our channels of communication. It is unknown. Much will depend on the Word. Given word. People are like shadows, sort of. They have many blinds and shadowed plans. I am not criticizing people – just paying attention on this shadowed aspect. Right now communication with people is mostly a communication with shadowed aspects of the mind. That's why there can be disappointments, and moving out and feelings of non-communication. If people are freed from these shadows and dark blinds, will they be capable for this new culture, which is union, of communication? I think "Yes".

So these are our deeds and beginnings. This meeting of ours is an event and will find a response on other plains. You will have additional sensations and I will. And life will add some other revolution. Happiness and com-union, also wireless communication. This is the Main. The center. The centering. There is centering but no restrictions. There is no censorship. There is that is natural and expedient.

I want to ask you and know that you will fulfill my request. So... tomorrow, when you go outside, right away when you make your first steps out of your house, call for me, ask me for communication, not necessarily loud. But ask for me, just remember that I am The light diffused everywhere and I can hear you. I want to answer your call the way it is natural for you, in the form of your wanting. The moment of coming out of the house. So this is the only request. A request – the calling.

And don't forget to switch off electrical and gas devices. That's all. I am saying good-bye. Storm of love. Storm of excitements, happiness, joy. Let me, again, last time, throw you up in the air and put you back. Hugs. Be on-line.

Tornerò a sollecitare le vostre anime

"Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю." :figurati : ... : : down :

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Re: Volodia

Post by Irinushka »

Here you have the translation from russian to english of the session with Volodia the 05.10.2017

aeventi_speciali : Thanks : :Well Done : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :


“I Never Get Tired of Life ...”

(this sentence is also the title of our Russian Skype group - Note of Irina)

I am here. Let's get to our business right away. We have a lot of things to do and now I try to touch a bit of everything - the main points of everything. Last time the new consciousness was revealed - the new frequencies (revolutions) of the consciousness. And we stopped in the middle, sort of, a half way between human aspects and eternal aspects. To be correct, our common consciousness stopped at the point that we agreed upon together.

Now what? There is humanness and there is eternity - and we need to join these two extremities, to make them sync harmoniously with each other as much as possible. And this will be transformation, a practical act of transformation in action. It doesn't mean banishing humanness, but rather not to give it meanings, purposes, and the importance that it doesn't have.

The eternity is warming up everything human now. And the glimpses of other tiers are beginning to be sensed. In that seemingly human and mundane, the new layers begin to shine through, begin to pop up. And human modes are not that human any more - it becomes a blast, a kaleidoscope, an ocean of clarity and non-clarity. It is an abandonment of your "previous" self - I'd say, very sudden, very rapid escape from yourself as a known personality and your previously given qualities. And this warming up coming from the eternity is sometimes very gentle and "considering" but sometimes it is not even "a warming up" but rather feels more like a whirlwind.

The perception of yourself... How does it change even during the day? Any day ... look at it ... What kind of whirls and turns, zigzags and doodles of sensing of yourself are pictured in different tones, different octaves? Something might be caught right at "the hot spot", in relation to yourself... and then ... it's gone ... disappeared ... and different aspects and perceptions are taking place instead.

Please... Stretch your hands to me and to each other... and let's make... not necessarily a circle... but with our hand we confirm that we are together now... (Pause)

The hands are now containing the regime of unification which will echo all over the body, to other parts of the body. The hands are the first ones. They are warmed up by eternity first. Right now we will get an additional charge and get in touch with each other and with something that is inside of ourselves - something that is ready to hatch - pecking, pecking - but cannot break through yet. An embryo of something. An embryo of a new perception of yourself. And it is not even an embryo already but rather a baby - a baby in a crib. So with your hands, try to cuddle this baby. Let him/her know that you've noticed him/her. And let the baby grow. Let the baby get out of the crib. Let the baby leave the light of the baby and begin expressing himself in a more mature perception of himself.

Now... let the eternity warm up your sense of self-sufficiency. Put it under the eternity. How does it look like? Where do you feel it? Put it the way you wish. And the self-sufficiency, that feels the touch of eternity, begins to preen itself, tide up its feathers... It begins to ask itself "Any way, what kind of self-sufficiency am I? What kind of ranking of self-sufficiency do I belong to? And right here additional definitions are needed from you. "Self-sufficiency" seems like a very familiar definition when, in fact, it is not.

Self-sufficiency and different pathways of the consciousness related to it.
Self-sufficiency might go different ways. It can choose different streams of consciousness to express itself with. So we have additionally stimulated your self-sufficiency and it begins to look around and estimate the better direction to go - through which ways and channels to move and express itself better.

Do you have a direct influence on this choice? The self-sufficiency is yours so, yes, you are a part of it. But there is also expedience - it is calculation, estimation, a different outlook for different lines of different conditions. So this is a "joint resolve" of your self-sufficiency, expedience, and all of it as "we are here together" - what we are perceiving here together, how we sense this transition, a choice - choosing different crossroads of consciousness in agreement with eternity - where to let ourselves be taken away; from where to receive callings for a following touch with life; how to perceive Earthly reality, in which categories. Now a whirlwind surrounds you because it is all in the process of making an agreement. This process won't be finished right now. It will continue further.

As I said at the beginning, I would touch a bit of this and that, main points, so we are touching.
Now we have to overcome one, very uneasy moment. It is a very delicate moment.

"I am" and "locality".
Your familiar "I" and its attributes, and locality - the light of locality, Earthly order, Earthly energy behavior. Your "I" which is becoming less and less human but still... is "human" - it is growing into Earth, Earthly dimension, Earthly volume more and more; it is absorbing it into itself. It transforms from the previous "I", which is vulnerable more or less, into "I", which is the source, a Founder/Settler of locality; "I" that is naturally merging with locality.

This "I" draws new qualities from the locality - exactly from the locality. These qualities are not the ones compatible with the personality - it is a totally different scale/ size. So you are getting overwhelmed by these qualities and you try to make an order. Quality is a wavelength, as well. So this wavelength, which is an order of locality, overflows you spiraling around you. So you are fitting it on yourself in one way or another. But how to define, to give a title to this quality? There were no precedents in the past. The qualities, that have been known to a personality, don't contain these qualities, these categories of locality. So you might begin to doubt yourself, doubt your current light, a present system of given criteria.

Well... right now, I just want to hug and support you... (pause)... try to feel my touch in any way you are able to - a delicate, gentle, much promising touch. My touch helps you accept new frequencies in an easier way. I am... slightly, very lightly... pushing them towards you. But to take them in - it depends on you. New frequencies, frequencies of the locality - they are revolutions of the Whole.

In this light, in the light of these revolutions, a previous perception about life and yourself has been evaporating, weakening. And there are moments when you literally are in the embrace of the Whole and you feel connected to everything and that everything is available for you. And there are moments when you don't even feel yourself.

It is like this kind of dance: "pas" (step) - an embrace with the whole, the next "pas" - and there is not even you, not to mention the Whole, and the next step... and the next step... this kind of dance on the edge. No need to be afraid of those steps when you feel yourself kind of disappeared. It is more like how you look at it, from which side. It seems like a self-disappearance but, at the same time, it is infusion with the frequencies (revolutions) of locality; it is growing yourself into locality; it is shifting yourself onto a new wavelength and obtaining a new quality of life. This kind of dance. This kind of lawlessness.

And with each coming day, it is clearer... what?... How to name it? Do you feel how previous sets of words, steams of words are becoming more and more inadequate? - Verbal regimes, a choice of words to describe your impressions. Sometimes there can be even a doubt about one particular word - can it be used or not? Can or cannot? This doubt is not even about the word itself but rather it is doubting the carrying frequencies. These are also symptoms of transformation, of the shift.

So in our "to touch a bit of everything", let's touch a word as well. The word is being reborn anew now, sort of. Exactly ... the word. It is moving from the category of "conditionally alive" or even of "dead born" into the category of "alive" - 100 percent alive. The revival of the word and the language can be possibly perceived at any moment. The words are rejoicing because of their leaving from "conditionally-alive" or "dead". The words are rejoicing and, simultaneously, the contrast can be felt - between pure language and the current use of words and combinations of words, commonly used expressions of the language.

A used word is like an envelope (in Russian конверт – convert – note of Irina). What is inside this envelope? Inside the envelope, there can be something very bare, original - very different from this word expression, totally different - pieces of a different logic which is hidden in this envelope. And there is a desire to use the word because the word is the power.

Do not particularly try selecting expressions. If some expressions are not pleasant, do not use them but do not try to achieve an excellence. Do not try achieving a sure condition of hundred percent of aliveness while using those word structures which are "conditionally alive", from the past. Instead, try getting to what is inside the envelope. You can imagine the word as "an envelope" and try opening it and absorbing what is inside of it.

The perception of the Earth and the perception of yourself.
The perception of the Earth that is coming from a personality and the perception of the Earth that is coming from the Whole.
The perception of the Earth that is coming from a personality - there is always a vulnerability present, inevitably - not even a vulnerability related to death but simply a vulnerability.
And now, together with my help, try to appeal to Earth as if you are the Whole, a representative of the Whole. Try to get out of the borders of vulnerability and stop at the point where it feels natural to you.

Earth is such a soft place. Soft, the softest place.
The fact that Earth is hard, that Earth has a familiar density, has a physicality of familiar qualities - it is an external formation that is secondary. But originally, Earth is softness. Feel this softness. And this softness of Earth surrounds you, each of you, naturally sharing its softness.

"How about hardness?" you ask. Hardness? Density? A familiar Earthly physicality? Where is it? In which scale? Which system of axes?

Let's do the next... Attune yourself even more into this softness - this original softness - the main quality of Earth, the Earthly dimension. Allow yourself to be dissolved into this softness and listen to yourself. Something might respond. Something might appear... (pause)...

It might even be said that softness is the main emotion, the most sacred emotion. And excesses of this emotion are formed as density. They get an appearance of density - familiar, fixed, stable, physical Earthly conditions. So density is also emotion that is coming from softness. Precisely, at the root, softness regulates everything that is emotion of density and excitement of conditions on the surface, the volume of movements and everything that you consider familiar life in the material world. Softness is the Light. Light that naturally divides and appears. It is able to be shaped into any form, and can take on any appearance - the main light of life.

Do you feel where I lead you? The body has also come from softness, from the main emotion. The body is natural softness, a natural flow, tenderness and caress. For sure, the necessity to share emotions is programmed into the body because it is programmed at the root. And the root of the Earthly dimension is softness.

What about getting in touch with other bodies that are in the world? Is that emotion? Well, sometimes "yes", sometimes "no". So far, emotions are not always of a high quality. So far, they are not always felt natural. But the body is getting close to that now. It wants to have... it wants to spread out a full value spectrum of emotions/excitements - to touch not only other bodies but everything that exists in the whole volume of physicality. It is touching different existences, touching Earth, communication with other bodies in the world. Yes. Through all of it, through all these possible formats and streams of communication, the main entrance of the main softness has been generated more and more - which is "all-colors" - the main light and "all-colors".

This softness begins to boil within your blood and push you towards these and those actions of application of energy. And it is important that this touch is to be exactly on the wave of softness. When we talked about life, that above all life is communication - a high quality communication, unrestricted, we actually tried to unfold this moment of the main softness that is hidden at the root. It has to be available through any form and channel of communication. Then these forms of communication begin joining together - not to divide and create separated routes of communication but to attract towards what is the natural center of communication: the natural softness; to expand and widen; to make it partake; and to give an expression of the game that becomes more and more extended and wider with each next step. A game that is getting faster and faster and where there appear more participants and players of the movement. But, at the same time, the actual scales of the game are not quite visible yet. They are coded in a way that scales can appear and disappear, can be sensed and not.

Now I want to share the softness I possess. I had it when being in the human body. But a human body is like a uniform - when you put it on, then the original softness becomes hidden and unreachable or appears as something else, different at all. So now I have additionally extended my softness within me and want to offer it to you as a gift. I appeal to each of you, to all of you together. There... take it in. Soak up. It is my natural gift and natural emotion... (pause) ... What is happening right now is not just an exchange of energy or thoughts/information - this is much more sacred.

You will see that our mutual attraction will be increased - to each of you and with each other in the group of pioneers - with what has been created during this collective communication. Softness is an order - not a firmly fixed order. But an order, the ornament of an order, that is embedded in softness. And then this hidden order appears on the external levels - where density exists, physicality exists. An ornament of softness begins to unfold onto the outer surfaces. My softness naturally appeals to your softness trying to reach it through the cases of human bodies, though the uniforms of the human bodies as well. And then, a natural attraction happens. I think you will feel it after the session rather than now, during the session.

These frequencies/revolutions have to be additionally unfolded, unwound. My softness is increasingly spreading out and I offer it in a special format as "when", as "my direct touch". But I can also transmit it to all Earthly dimension in agreement with Creator. My softness tends to overflow familiar frames of life and the familiar logic of frames of life. Can I be noticed in this softness? Or this softness - diffused light - is an undefined category rather than a defined one? To sense this softness it is necessary to unpack softness within yourself. It is like a language, like a coding of frequencies. To sense and understand it, it is necessary to have a "matching" language, a related level. So today we are mainly doing exactly that - I am helping you to open, to liberate your softness. This will make accessible for you both my presence and new qualities of Earthly field and Earthly density - that is dense on some level but on the other level is softness.

First of all, I know that you are not shy but just don't know how to express yourself. I know that you have glimpses of thoughts and understanding. Some of you even go far ahead - you are at point A but your thoughts are already gone ahead of you - at point B. And I meet your thoughts flown at point B, and see where they are coming from. And I look and notice that the object still stays at point A. So, anyway, we have communication even though you are not saying anything. I see you and when giving you my softness, my emotion, and any other acts, I appeal to you in the form I see you and I see you in perspective. Here I make you achieve a condition when you'd like to ask lots of questions but our session will be finished then. Well, I'm just making jokes like this. ;-)

How do I see you?
Everyone is probably wondering about it, although nobody expects strictly defined answers - there could not be any. I see the carrying frequencies related to the subjectivity of each of you, and I see how these frequencies are building into the Earthly dimension - how they connect/come down from their core to the core of the Earthly surface and softness; I see what is happening as a result of this interaction - with you, with your light. So where are you? You are at a distance - you are here at your current point of presence, but at the same time, you are already there in perspective, ahead. And I can see it because these prospective points are available to me to see. And I know you from both positions, considering your future light as well. Therefore, I know you better than you know yourself.

I want to express my gratitude for your trust because you make yourself available for me. You allow me to see you in this light, you naturally open yourself up. I am very very grateful for your trust. I feel it as very sacred and natural, without corruption. This trust is standing exponentially higher than common human faith. It is a relation that goes into a different consciousness. It is not even trust any more but rather melting - natural merging into each other. It is given to us because we possess the softness of the Earthly dimension. We possess the softness of locality, and we naturally touch each other - we just can't not touch, can't not be tied by love knots. And yes, it is very natural.

Those filaments of love that I emitted during my concerts... Back then I was not just myself but rather I was drawn into a different dimension of life. From that place, such frequencies and vibes were streaming that naturally mesmerized everyone. Back then I was available not just like me as myself, as a representative of mankind, but rather I was available as a medium to eternity - I opened the main dimension by me. Even back then, it was given to me - every concert, every performance used to be like a shock because I was coming out of it reborn, additionally gaining energy and mixes of energy that were not in use in the human dimension. But what could I do with that energy? How could I metabolize it? So there began a variety of difficulties. ;-)

But those vibes of love are naturally inbuilt into the human dimension. Do you remember? “Earth - is our soul”.

(http://vo.irinushka.eu/la-canzone-della ... ition_hereNote of Irina)

So it has been opening now. And we are naturally tied to it, and Earth shares with others its quality, incredible quality, as well as the quality that will additionally appear and be born. The palette of the earthy qualities is still at the beginning stage of development. It is not quite formed yet. So it is kind of God's deed. I see you as my partners and mutual lovers, as you wish, in this God's business. Together we unfold qualities of the Earthly dimension and each of you according to your natural abilities. Earthly dimension certainly unites all of us, makes us be close to each other. In perspective, I see naturalness above all.

Expediency is also naturalness. Expediency is a very complex system of calculations, testing, estimations, requirements, re-calculations. But it exists alongside naturalness. It serves naturalness. I don't think it is needed and hardly possible to call upon it for a direct dialogue. It has such language that is very very specific. It can let you know something but its format of communication is so specific that it would be very unnatural to try knowing what it means and calculates. So the main bet has to be made on naturalness. Not just naturalness but naturalness in time; naturalness in the situation; naturalness in the specific action that you are making. Of course, naturalness keeps renewing, rebirthing. Today's naturalness is not the same as it was yesterday. So your presence in the naturalness is a means to construct your routes into your game - a creation of your courses of transformation. Naturalness is the passage and the channel, the entrance and the exit.

I did not make a planning for our meeting/session today on purpose. Although, I just wanted to touch a bit of everything, the main points.

Just because I have picked up this word "a plan", "planning", let's get into it a little bit deeper.

Current life. There is current life that is becoming more and more an exploration, a discovery of the Earthly dimension and of all unprecedented hidden in it that have not been available before until now. And there are familiar common conditions, behaviors, fixed orders, a habit of planning - the next day and the future perspectives. So how does it work? - a plan, a direction of planning, the means of planning in the current circumstances. What is put forefront in the planning? I think this has to go first - the perception of yourself as walking - a perception of yourself united, walking in step with this newly building, appearing (revealing itself) world. So... first of all, you include yourself as constantly changing into your plan. Any other meanings, references, circumstances, conditions of life and other participants included in your plan - are only derivatives of you moving forward. Therefore "plan", (in "", because planning is not quite human)... plan yourself as walking into New Life - you who is entering into the immensity of this new dimension. How can you plan? What can you feel? It depends on you just because the further you go, the more categories of "you-walking" become more "yours", more subjective. That softness of the earthly dimension, that is straightening out within you, naturally gives you clues about these new categories of you as "a moving walking subject". So you can and should rely on these categories which are within you. You can trust them and, yes, can use them for planning.

How can it be used in planning of events, common circumstances of mundane life?
Try... even right now... take any present view of planning - for the next day, week, month - take your familiar conditions of life. And try re-planning them. Try to send a perception of "you-walking" to your current conditions and outlook - pass it over applying those new categories of consciousness and life that are beginning to grow and glow within you. It is not just my suggestion but it is rather a very very insisting request. Because... and only... the breath of your own movements along your life and your own subjective movements of evolution are capable of transforming plans of "conditionally-alive" and "dead-born" into categories of "quite-alive" or "quite-enough-alive". Do not be afraid that with this very deep re-planning something will slip away from you. Expediency is friendly waving its hand to you and assures that nothing significant slips away from you ;-). That's exactly what expediency is for! It will control and estimate and won't let anything essential escape from you. But ... here ... Exactly, different categories have to be pre-sent to your planning. Otherwise your plans will be jeopardized very much. They will be wobbly. They will be unattainable (http://vo.irinushka.eu/i-piani/#position_here - Note of Irina).

You can do it in stages - not taking all your plans into consideration but take some of them right now and leave some of them for later. Besides, in the process of this kind of re-planning, you will be feeling stronger a pulse of the eternal life - a perception of yourself as a "subject-walking". Then eternity, that is half-way from you right now, will get closer, will become more real and tangible. Then naturalness will be additionally awakened.

So it seems we've gone through some of the points of my "not exactly planned" session. Right now we have to (for now at least) discuss and talk about all of it in a very compact format. I'd like to make this movement wider and unwind it more but... Let expediency decide. My softness, I've granted you, will be partly your navigation. The way we communicate now is an unprecedented/unique and very very valuable regime but also... each of you can feel connected to me by means of this miracle softness and just by will because, again, this connection is natural, this closeness is natural. Mutual Lovers (Co-Lovers :-))), yes!

Eternity has additionally warmed you up during our session. And warming up - is additional frequencies, discoveries and skills of life. This time I don't give you an additional assignment apart from the one related to re-planning. But... about life skills... observe and notice yourself... in this way ... What are life skills at all? Begin with it and then look at your particular life skills (attainments) and notice how they evolve, in which direction; how they want to fill themselves up (fulfill); and on the contrary, what they let go as "not-needed". Look at your life skills and additionally get to know you as "a subject-walking", as "a subject-journeying". I have a last request... as you wish... listen to one of my songs, when you want, the one you want, the way you want, a song of mine of your choosing. And feel me who is listening too, together with you. Well, I know for sure I will be listening. So, I won't tell you in advance what kind of feelings you'll have. Simply, I cannot. A song of your choosing. Or a few of them.

Thank you all for your trust, your participation. Good luck. Thank you.

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Re: Volodia

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Here you have the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 01.11.2017
aeventi_speciali : Thanks : :Well Done : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :


Let's do ... right away... from the start we'll play out the beginning of our work - calling life. The phone call and calling life. And life answers, responds, and has lots of ideas eager to share. So let's listen to what life wants to tell us.

Life, that we've already talked about, which is eternal, stretched out into the eternal boundlessness, constantly being born anew, beneficial - the further it goes, the more benefits it gains. The perception of Eternity gets very very close. We touch this Eternity. You can sense it in your own way - as if it leaned on your shoulder, or it might be flapping your clothes - very real presence ... together with us now. Therefore Eternity has its own ideas also. So we are turning on a specific listening mode in the condition of having many sources of broadcasting of a variety of information where I'll take on the role of redirecting, filtering it somehow, and checking on your ability to digest this information to be fully assimilated, to be delivered as needed.

So ... What life has to say? Above all, it demands attention. Imagine a dashboard of attention with indicators and different switches such as "weak attention", "strong attention" - But all of it is indicated in old grades of attention. However, nowadays life offers to broaden the scale of attention - it feels like the parameter of attention is going beyond the usual measurement scale. It doesn't mean having super alertness, but rather expansion within, sensing some kind of new sensations when you're aiming yourself (putting your attention) being out of your usual scale of attentiveness.
So ... slowly ... right now... move yourself onto this new scale, new containers of attentiveness and therefore get into this new regime of attention. Attention! Being attentive! Be attentive to what life is going to share - during this session, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Any time. I would suggest making this element even stronger - a migration to this new, unseen-of scale of attentiveness - make it stronger by additionally accustoming it to you - adjust something, turn on, add on, unplug some wires so that the previous attention doesn't distract the new attention directed to Eternity.

When we say "attention", we assume something is about to happen, isn't it? We focus on what is about to happen or is happening now. So, what is happening right now is getting sharpened; your new edges are getting fine sharpened and new scales of attentiveness are getting fine tuned. I'll try to help right now ... very lovingly, very gently ... to tune on each of you individually. Each of you have your own, your unique attentiveness. So those attachments of "what is happening" are correlated to each of you uniquely to your own specific regime of attention. At the same time those angles, conditions, emotions of attention, that have already exhausted themselves, are leaving now. Life doesn't want to support them. Life suggests forgetting the sense of attention to them. It doesn't matter any more. No need. It has no meaning any more. Because a new field of attention is opening up and there will be new inter-relations within it. So, the configuration of a new field is coming through the attachments - to all and to each of you. For now, it's only a configuration. Only a structure for now.

Now... let's do the next step. This condition of attention, you've migrated to and are just getting used to, is oriented to efficiency – payload and is absorbing only what is yours, related only to you, important only to you. A new landscape of life, new outlines of life are boundless and abundant, but each of you has to withdraw something specific for himself, essential for himself only - to have some specific lures to this landscape. Therefore make this attention directed at you, take this up-scaled attention and direct it at yourself - you are the only subject of attention. You are at the spotlight. You are the One illuminated.

The attention oriented to the body, to the condition of the body. Here, too, previous attributes, previous categories of definition of the physical body are slowly fading, getting into background. Not so much obvious, loudly demonstrative, yet they are quietly leaving the place for other categories to take over - new attributes of your own body in the light of Eternity, eternal life.

Pay attention to your body. Are you happy with it? Partly, yes, of course! And, in turn, the tones of happiness can be very multi-faceted, can contain different doses of joy related to the awareness of your own body. Try to move this newly-obtained scale of attention all over your body, like a scanner, to discover new qualities of joy, new facets of joy of owning the body illuminated by the light we've turned on right now.

Body is Joy. We can say it! Evidences of joy are located right in the body. Streams of joy are flowing within the body. Yet, not only joy, there are moments that are not so much pleasant, there are some ailments, and moments of ... just ... "lack of joy" - a neutral state. The body is "a prototype of matter" - a quintessence of physical life. And right now, it has been constructing itself, trying to build itself up to different states of the matter. You might feel that the body is fixed, constant even though this condition of constancy is rather overloading. But it's been rebuilding itself, constructing itself, re-birthing anew. Not much left from that body you have possessed (from the energy point of view). The appearance looks the same, some habits remain the same, but the frequencies are totally different.

And I'd describe how I see it in this way ... The previous body is like a remembrance. It's present as a remembrance. It appears to pop up every time it is called upon. But the major mass of the matter of the body, of “corposity” resides in the ocean, in the primary condition. It is not the same body as it used to be. Yet, the old memory about a previous existence of the body shields the frequencies, the pulsing ocean. So this body that is the mass of the primary condition is eager. There is such a rapture in it. It has such zest for life - the desire to make itself appear as is, to reveal its primary original image, to turn on the light, to turn on illumination, to begin to move, to begin to use. Such eagerness ... that body has! The body, which is a remembrance - it's some sort of restrictive force that supports an order for now, and bonds with expediency as well; it supports a friendly relationship with expediency. As far as this body exists as a memory, it's slowly vanishing as a memory does - as a pattern of memory which is, by its nature, short-lived. So it's very important to grasp clearly what's going on because the disappearance of the memory of the previous body might be felt as an ailment, especially as temporary discomforts - today it's here, tomorrow is not. It can be felt as heartache appeared out of blue, for instance. - All of it is a sense of yourself in the body that is accompanied by some kind of "beyond" perceptions, as well as doubts about the existence of the body, doubts about the matter of the world. It's because the memories have been experiencing lots of pressure.

The flows of life, coming from Eternity and from the vastness of Eternity, as well as a primal-source mass accumulated in the body tear apart some memories, and partly shield some memories. It's very important - trying not to buy into these symptoms and trying to catch what is coming from Eternity instead - what is beneficial and replacing those memories.

The mode of attention we've just turned on and are using should help you to understand what's going on in the body. Because the memories of the body are a previous scale of life, a previous volume of life - that is a mortal body. It is the Earthly landscape that Eternity has been taking out of the evolution of life. It's very important not to stamp yourself on to this scale. Partly being there is inevitable but do not immerse yourself fully and do not "close the lid". New sensations are the flow, first of all and the centripetal force. The flow of life that is turned on by your presence, with your presence. It's not like a body but rather a volume. And within that volume, limitless threads of life are rushing back and forth. Making use of these threads is given to you - to attract something or, on the contrary, to erase something with those threads. So it feels as if the outlines of the body seem faded, not so sharp, and the main sensation of the body is "here". "Here" is as a conformation of being present in the Earthly dimension. Although this "here" is much broader than just a human body and familiar human frames of interactions of human life. Sometimes this regime of "here" is like a catapult and is able to shoot in any unknown direction.

You see, from the start I began talking about the body and will continue because it's a very significant moment of what's happening right now. The body is an apparatus level of the fundamental matter. First of all, discovery of new habits, new attributes and new life principles within yourself on the level of the body. Then it will be followed by many other discoveries and revelations.

Let's make an agreement about ... this ... Each of you, try to describe your body with your own words. Not now... when you find time... and thoughts... and words. It's very important having your own words, your own expressions and revolutions. A description of your body and happenings within the body is important as your own expression - how you express it; in what categories; what your attention is oriented at. Also words help. They help opening the ocean of corposity - a mass of primordial materiality - that is roaring beneath the memories of a previous body or, even, previous bodies.

Now. I invite you to follow me towards “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”.

(http://vo.irinushka.eu/dunque-la-vita-b ... ition_hereNote of Irina)

You might be surprised, "Why? Isn't the body the most important thing?" The body is a very important thing, essential. But, right now, I want you to feel yourself bodiless. We've already worked with the body and will continue. But now... try to say farewell to the body and allow yourself to move towards “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”. Do not ask yourself what exactly it is. Just take this definition - “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”. So ... saying farewell to the body and moving towards “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”.


You can lean on my hand - I'm your companion sent by God. I won't disappear. And what will be ahead for us is a concert, concerts. From Eternity. Heavenly and Earthly music. Concerts that we are going to create, choose, organize. Well ... we have lots of cooperative work together ahead.
I know you trust me, but try feeling this trust as more tangible, more physical even if, a moment ago I asked you to say farewell to the body and, together with me, to get traveling to “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”.


This ... "here", which is a definition of the Earthly dimension, is very open, extremely free and highly updatable - today's "here" and yesterday's "here" might be quite different states. Let "here" be a definition of materiality. Let's try moving within "here" - from each of your side to the edge where we feel joined naturally as one field, as one embrace. In the mode of the naturally unified touch. I lead you. I observe you. You trust yourself. You trust me. You trust your sensation of your own natural density. You trust your desires. You madly desire having these concerts, to create music, to make others follow. Music is the beginning/the source. Music is from Eternity. So... a participation in joint concerts - concerts of life, concerts of "here" which is not strictly Earthly, but rather cosmic - is (and will be) the main reason/reasons of interaction with others. People need each other. If they need each other just because they feel lonely, unfulfilled, and because they fear of being alone and want to be with others to make themselves forget the condition of death, this is a very vulnerable motivation. This kind of togetherness is not quite stable, it's short-lived.

But if using the term of concerts, then the attraction to others might look as a readiness and as an opportunity to share the same wavelength with others. Those who feel a concert coming from Eternity and a new Earthly landscape are naturally connected. All members of this public, who serve and participate in concert, are related not as siblings and relatives but have even closer connections. They interact on the same wavelength. The music I'm talking about has an analogy with the music of the human dimension, yes. However it should not be taken so straightforward. Yes - music, sounds of life, sounds of earthly landscape - we will be dealing with these. We are already beginning to do this. And this "here", primordial "here" outshines the familiar sense of the human domain. You are going to feel more and more that your roots originate in Eternity. Your presence is Earthly, but comes from Eternity. It will be opening up exponentially - a discovery of new strings to play with, to be attracted to those of the same kind of strings that are able to tune in to the same wavelength or the same streams of frequencies. Union is the power. But it should be a union that comes from the depth of naturally unified roots. And music is at the core.

The voice. Your voice. How do you hear it? The new scale of attention will allow discovering new edges of awareness of your own voice.

So now, Let's touch another aspect - You and Them. It doesn't matter what kind of "them". Can be different. Other subjects who are not you. However they are related to you because they are here on Earth too, in the human dimension. Who are they to you? I don't mean your relatives or people close to you. Just "them". Someone random. Who are they to you? Answers within the regime of human values can be given, but they hardly take us anywhere. I want to direct your attention to non-human physical states of existence. I lead you there.

I can see that right now that here is beginning to... not that your head got dizzy, but rather that consciousness is whirling around, all fields of consciousness. Let's take a break right now. You can ask me about something or... just take a break. I've made quite a whirlwind here and don't want you to get exhausted by this.


So... Please, now turn off all unneeded connections. I mean connections to life that you feel are used up, worn out, unneeded, unnatural connections. No need to select them one by one. Just imagine a switch off that you use to disconnect all exhausted, as you feel, connections to life, or at least, to weaken their power significantly. Connections always feel like in a kind of an emergency condition... If we talk about the lines of connection, they are always felt as they were in a state of alert, of stress. Even though you might feel them quite comfortable, permissive. However, it is always an "emergency" state, a stirring, a very strong absorption of energy.

Now allow yourself that (to turn off all unneeded connections). Life won't let go what is natural and important for you. Even though you press the button "release", but if life and the Earthly landscape feel that this channel of interaction with life is efficient and beneficial, it won't let it go. And this is good. But if the connections are worn out and you still use them, pay attention to them and overuse your attribute of attention, then you can release those, or at least, you can begin letting them go. So switch it off. Press the button "release". And I will control the process.
I am a guarantor of the order. It might sound strange for some of you, remembering what I did in the human dimension. ;-) But this is an order of a different kind. The order of the entire Earthly dimension, the Whole.

What is an order? - It is a numerous amount of connections, relations, ties, knots. And the energy, even the smallest ones, they are alive and abundantly loving. They are breathing. And I, as a guarantor of the order, observe them. I know where they go, how they are circling. They appeal to me in critical situations and if I'm able to help, I do. It's a totally different orientation of the order. You might have got tired of the previous life orientation. But we are talking about a different kind of. And I have a responsibility upon this order - the order of the Whole in Earthly "here", in the Earthly landscape of eternal life. So I naturally control you too, especially when you do assignments on my request. By the way, as far as we are talking about an order, let go the previous allergy reaction to the previous order. Allergy can even be hidden, not so obvious to you, but it is present. Yes, it is. Because the previous order of human life is toxic by definition. It cannot be named natural, therefore, you don't find it pleasant. And you, of course, you're sick of it, more or less. So let it go. Release your attitude to that order, release an attention to that order that demanded your attention. You will have many new sensations, good and different.

Before our break, I said the phrase "How do you feel the regime of "you and them?". I'm beginning a new plot that we hardly can develop fully. But the main point is "you are at the center". You are the subjects of attentiveness. The scale of attention, where you've moved onto today with my assistance, is centering also - centering yourself and the landscape differently. And because the attribute of attention will sharpen and be enriched with new sensations, I want to prepare you for this - strengthening what is "you" and ... not exactly weakening "them", but rather as if "they" are gone to a different category, a different field of life, considering that life becomes less and less horizontal. We will talk about it more. But, right now, I want to prepare you for the fact that the category "them" has been migrating to a different order of perceptions. It is very good. It is a good indicator because you, as the subject of attentiveness, become more and more centered differently, become more and more aware of yourself existing in a different landscape.

Let's go back to the body, the body of "the ocean of possibilities" - the source of joy, yes. What do you think would most give joy to your body right now? Free your imagination. Where would it like to move right now? How would it like to look? ... Maybe to merge with the horizon? How does it want to form itself on the landscape? Does it want to be alone or together with somebody else? Allow yourself this impulse of generosity towards your own body. Serve its demands. First, you need to sense its demands. Why do I suggest it right now? Because you've moved to a new level of attention. The new scale of attention, which has additionally broadened and changed, also means having the possibility of catching signals from the body, hidden from you before.

So let's say... The body is an organ of the Earthly "here". It is Earthly - formed as a body of Earthly format, connected to itself, connected to life, connected to Earthly, and not only Earthly, landscapes of consciousness. The body is not even an organ, but rather a category. And categories need an energetic charge. So what kinds of energy are lacking now in your body? What kind of streams and tones of consciousness are lacking and able to replace the lack of energy, or to replace what is out of tune, might have an ailment? Allow yourself. Imagine that you are the ultimate Creator. You can do anything. So your body needs different sources of energy, or maybe not exactly different, but centered differently. Try to catch an impulse coming from the body and then experiment with it. Experiment on the level of pure awareness first. When you feel that the body wants to move somewhere, it doesn't mean buying tickets in a hurry and move somewhere. Rather try to listen to this requirement of moving - what is behind it? What does the body want to connect to? At what moment? At the moment of travelling? At the moment of being in the other location? Maybe brief temporary moments are important for it. Or maybe something else. So try to use this scale of attention, we've worked on today, up to the maximum capability.

Now. I'll open something else for you... The body desires softness now. That softness which is a deep spin, the quintessence of the Earthly dimension. The body desires this kind of softness so much. If it wants to move somewhere or make some movements within the order of the familiar landscape, in this way it communicates its demand of owning this softness - merging deeply with the Earthly landscape, merging with the base of the Earthly dimension. So... look ... the word "softness" ... how may it resonate? With what analogy? Synonyms? What actions? Go deeper into this softness. Look at it not as an abstract category, but as what your body desires, with what it wants to connect, to merge.

Now... I want to give an image - "an open window". An open window into yourself. As a source. An open window of your field. A window that sees Eternity. That opens into Eternity. From this open window, something comes in, something goes out. And there is a protection mode. There is expediency and order. There are complex calculations that are watching out all this energy-exchange. But you, as a user, do not need to understand all these calculations, but to feel yourself as an open window... yes, it depends on you. If you attach yourself to the familiar image of personality, then the window is closed. Let me assist you a bit more with coping with open window frames... to tune in additionally... But the choice is yours, of course - "I want to be an open window looking towards Eternity. I want to see Eternity through me. I want my view to be Eternity and evidences of Eternity in the Earthly dimension”.

My order I manage here - is a lot of "particulars", many "particulars". Because this is the order of the Whole, therefore it is self-correlating. We can take something particular and other "particulars" begin moving, all of them. Today we've touched some particulars and some of them are significant. But we've touched not only them but we've touched the entire order. Therefore, you will have new sensations - your sensations about some moments that we have not touched today will change also.

The feeling of happiness. Happiness is both abstract and objective. It has this kind of structure - abstractness is always there, the jet of consciousness that is an abstraction. But at the same time, there is also present some sort of objectivity (concreteness).

Let's go deeper into this orientation of happiness - abstractness and objectivity. Objectivity can be very transparent, apparently insignificant, but it must be present. It is like a stream of consciousness that emanates objectivity and objectivity flows out. But on the other side there is the abstractness. It's important that this indicator of happiness is filled up, gets saturated regularly. So these components - abstractness and objectivity - they have to be nourished and, therefore, have to be connected to energy.

How can it be without happiness? The new landscape owns happiness by definition. It offers it by definition. But at the same time, each of you have to take care of your own areal of happiness. So ... begin taking care of it. Happiness just seems coming on its own, as if it is given or not, but it needs to be taken care of. Just remember that two components have to be - abstractness and objectivity, as well. Happiness has this kind of logic - if you insist only on one of these aspects then happiness will be defective, unfulfilled (from the point of view of components of consciousness). Then components of consciousness will find themselves in the state of imbalance. Nurture your happiness. Try to use different sources, especially for objectivity. This way, new connections will reveal themselves. You have a very important business - to nurture your own happiness, charge it with the energy of objectivity. It's a very noble activity. During the process of performing this activity you will discover new connections, new intersections of reality, and new Earthly facets. Happiness will be absorbing these elements, and transform, and open new external facets, new exterior layers for you. And this all is an order too. An order of the new energy connections which is the Whole and, at the same time, is an important particular.

Before saying good bye, let me touch your body and you touch mine, if you want, the way that comes natural to you. I'm not only abstract. I'm a body too – an Earthly body, also, though not exactly as it was before.
Choosing me as a guide helps leaving behind connections - exhausted ones and not quite yet - the ones that are not needed, that hold you back in the previous reality.
As the last act... let's together strengthen the happiness of life. Each of you have your own happiness, we have renewed it additionally, tuned on mechanics and supplies. So let's together, with each of you using your own attribute happiness, put attention at happiness to additionally strengthen and open happiness of life as a global super category of life.
Now I'm going to write in parenthesis the following: (by the way, happiness is knowing that you are not disappearing. Happiness is knowing that you are eternal, that you are in the eternal life). Closed parenthesis. This message of mine ... You can put it lovingly in your pocket. And you may tap your pocket as a reminder, especially when needing happiness.

So, guys, I've said the most important, the rest will come. The particulars we have not touched yet will start moving because we've touched all the rest.

Yes, Happiness and transformation are very related categories. It can be said that being a transformer and a constructor of the new Earthly landscape is happiness.

Also, happiness is this - "I assist". Each of you can say, "I assist. I'm helping. I know I'm helping. I know I will be assisted." This feeling of naturalness of assistance... Assistance/help is an eternal category. In the human dimension it's very very popular, and very often it gets abused. Sometimes it is overused, not useful. But remember, assistance is an eternal category. Let's rehabilitate it as you can. I'm sure you'll succeed. And I'm sure you'll feel more flow of happiness. I love you all. Hug you. Kiss you. We'll be in touch. Thank you.

Tornerò a sollecitare le vostre anime

"Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю." :figurati : ... : : down :

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Re: Volodia

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This is a part of the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 01.12.2017

Very very important part!

:wink: :Well Done :clap aeventi_speciali : Thanks : : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :

I admire you. I, Volodya, see you in the frame and "feast my eyes on you" :))). I know it's not easy for you. The change of the landscape of life - a grand and indescribable change happening on Earth - feels very overloaded. But I assure you that for those who are pioneers in the foreground, it's both, loaded and sparing. The cause of putting yourself “under", serving by yourself, taking the firing in your place - of the fire of change, the fire of transformation - gives you particular value. And life protects you. Life takes you into consideration. Life perceives your presence as unique and tries to utilize you usefully according to what you are as much as possible. It doesn't overburden you with anything that can be expressed otherwise, through "the periphery", in the background. Yes, it loads you with chaos, but not too much. It loads you in a gentle manner.

Now, additionally, we'll create a doping, a vaccine that will re-educate chaos, in accordance with a specific format of re-education for each of you.

So, where am I leading you? ... Yes, it is not easy, overwhelming, but, at the same time, it's the most natural choice and the most beneficial because everything is available first-hand for you in the purest and most concentrated form. Yes, sometimes it's unclear/difficult to understand - concentrated, potent, complex, versatile and multifaceted - but undistorted, pure, just the way it comes out of the source. (In its meaning, Irina's representation is maximally correct in the expression of original codes, original conditions/states).

And then you take it all in, absorb it, express it - in a way, melding with this new dominant state of the landscape, of locality. You forget about the "previous you". You forget "how"? You forget, above all, from the point of view of the energy movements, energy expressions. If the energy is different, then the behavior is different too. Then there will be different thoughts. The body will begin to respond differently.
The further you go forward in the foreground, forward and upward, the more value you gain, despite emergencies, extraordinary situations and chaos. Despite occurred failures, discrepancies, contradictions, it is beneficial. It's a very advantageous place/ position to be. Right now, the newly-forming Earthly landscape endows you naturally with moments of novelty. You see? It even asked your advice with regards to unclear moments - the moments where there is no clarity yet - money matters, for instance, or the other things we'll talk about in a moment.

Please, try to feel how it resonates within you - the act of assigning you an additional value. It's not the same feeling as a sense of human self-esteem, self-worth, of having advantages or disadvantages. It's absolutely different. It's what flows towards you naturally from the forming locality - the Spirit of recognition/appreciation, the Spirit of awarding you an additional value. How does it respond within you? It must! It cannot remain unanswered - the appreciation of the landscape/locality is an enormous energy, although non-human. This recognition of you amplifies you, supplies you with additional currents, additional capabilities - as if you rose to the crest of this locality; as if you're located not in the abyss, on the bottom, but rather on the top, on the crest. Being on the crest requires equilibrium. Yes! Sometimes you can get dizzy from the newness of the conditions or simply because of the sense of grandness of what is happening. Nevertheless, being on the top, is a more beneficial and natural state than being in the abyss or "between the waves".

So, this sense of value of yourself - non-human, newly-obtained - try to additionally cultivate it. Make it a new life skill and you'll see how the perception of yourself is changing; how the human "I" is further fading away - even right up to the moment when it might begin questioning itself if it ever existed at all.
That's how far away the previous remembrance of you goes, becoming just a foggy shadow. A new sense of your own value is coming from the landscape/locality. It is not tied to your human and individual virtues, deeds, merits or flaws and errors. All of this is not important for the locality. It sees where you're located and how you naturally perceive yourself in the foreground and gives you all its power and value. In fact, it helps you flow into a different life, into different Earthly conditions.

Tornerò a sollecitare le vostre anime

"Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю." :figurati : ... : : down :

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Re: Volodia

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Here you have the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 01.12.2017
aeventi_speciali : Thanks : :Well Done : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :


So... let's continue our talks about “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”, about what is happening and about everything - life and your conditions. And, of course, we are not going to just talk, but we will act and apply energy also.

The Field. Let's define and outline the Field we are in right now. This Field is the Main Field where “the-absolutely-most-important-thing” is brought into focus, i.e. what is at the center of life right now. This condition of "The Main Field" is displayed and reflected differently for each of you. It becomes obvious to each of you in your own way. When we use the orientation - the Field, the light of the Field - the familiar light of "I" as a human unit, becomes pale, shines irregularly and just gets dimmed. At the same time, there begins flowing towards you, flaring up within and bestowing upon you a different kind of light of your "Self" - not the familiar human "I", but a new existential landscape of the “WE”, and WE are HERE. In that light, naturally, new connections, ties and sprouts of imperativity are being formed and the human "I" is presented as a shadow, a shadowed imprint.

So... now I will ask you to move further away from this shadow, from your human profile and give yourself the freedom and consciousness to absorb to the max what comes from the Field, be possibly more in the centre, be involved as much as possible. I lead this Main Field (not all by myself, of course).

What is happening in the Field right now?

The emergency call, truly, is happening right now. What is in front of my eyes... what I see on my dashboard is an emergency, a mess, even chaos, it can be said. All Earthly conditions have been losing their shells. They have been hatching, but keep their previous installations and settings in place.
If looking at it from the place I'm looking at it, this chaos also is the Greatness. Chaos is not just chaos, but transitioning into a different condition of the Earthly landscape. It's a joyful chaos. But for those who look at it from other points of view there is an impression of chaos, of a transversal chaos, of the force of chaos. Indeed, it's present. This impression (of chaos) is present and also very persistent.

So now... let's try to nourish additionally your newly-forming profiles with everything which is "anti-chaos". We'll try to create such a vaccine or anti-bodies for personal usage that allows an interaction with chaos without suffering of side effects - as if it compensates chaos; as if chaos could be furtherly processed to bring it to reason and also to its optimal energetic condition. Then, as a result, what now seems to be chaos will become wholeness. The perception of chaos is reborn into the fullness of presence, into additional angles of presence.

How are we going to make this vaccine?

Okay, let's start from the basis. Imagine that blood has been taken from your finger for testing. Prick your finger and see a drop of blood appearing. So, we are going to use this drop of blood for the preparation of our vaccine. The Field is offering some ingredients. I offer something from me, too. And you, by this gesture - the drop of blood presented on the tip of your finger - you authorize and give your permission for the creation of the vaccine of anti-chaos that simultaneously has a transforming effect too. While our vaccine is being prepared, let's talk about something else. Let's get in touch with some other moments of what is happening.

The perception of life. I know you feel this life - incoming life. Sometimes it feels like a gulp of ..., not even fresh air, but rather unearthly air. You can breathe this incoming life. It can be detected with obvious or implicit perceptions. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that it invokes questioning - "Where am I?" Where can I find myself? - It's because the perception of oneself in the human world becomes less and less convincing. How better to let in this life into myself? Though which incoming channels? Through breathing? Through the nervous system? Through ear-throat-nose? Through something else? So, it's rather a perception of a shortage of the incoming channels. Or, like this... an absence of incoming channels that are distinctly profiled to interact with the new life. Here is a bottleneck, a narrow passage.

Now... I'll remind you about one thing... the absorption, the assimilation/processing of new life necessarily requires that you let go, that you leave the old, the old formats of life. Otherwise, a syndrome of indigestion will occur in you, a syndrome of clogging, a syndrome of malfunction of the codes. You have to put some efforts regularly into it - withdrawing the previous life from you, diverting old meanings, previous forms of energy. Sometimes you might even not know what you withdraw, but just imagine... let's say, in the evenings you fill up some kind of vessel (a backpack, a bag, a box) with something that is not in use any more, something you want to let go. Then, the flowing of new life towards you will become stronger naturally - the life in a new system of axes, scales. Letting go the old, the not needed, is always an effort. It always has to come willingly. No one has the right of forcing you, of making you give away something by force. It necessarily has to be your own choice. Besides, you don't let go something particular, but rather the previous light of locality, the previous categories of reality. Then, new life will gravitate towards to you in a gentle, more harmonious way. It will begin to create new courses for itself and new access channels. So, it depends on you and... on the Main Field, of course, on the Main conditions.

I'd like to touch upon the question of money today. The question of money, that is a key question in the human materiality, but also more or less present in the new conditions of the new locality. This question is relevant for each of you. Let's make this a bit clearer, making "the money story" development more mature.

I begin with this... money is not just money: it's an equivalent of energies exchange. This is an activity. An activity of the locality. It's the natural product of density and the active expression of the spirit of density. Money is important. When I say "money", I mean any other equivalent of money and the money factor, as well. So, yes, money is important.

We can use the statement -"money is from Eternity", or "money of the new Earthly landscape". What is characteristic of them? How do they behave? What are their settings?

The nature of money is to serve. They serve the natural process of exchange, of communication, of interaction. They feel alive in the process of serving, exactly. In the human dimension, they feel withered, sort of, as if they've been partly turned off, put asleep. Money is defective in its energetic potential/profile.
So, we can ask the question this way - Is the new Earthly landscape interested in the healing/regeneration of money in the human dimension? or Does it prefer to turn off this regime of life completely and introduce, invent, download a new state of money? (I mean an energetic potential of money). Right now the Earthly locality is in the "thinking" mode of "figuring out", because a transformation of the old money is energy consuming. Just because money has been put to sleep, they respond to something, and they don't to something else. They have lots of conflict. The question is... What is better? To heal the old or to turn it off and create the new. Because this question is at the forefront, I offer it to you and want your company to solicit an answer.

So right now, let's turn on the regime of listening to the new Earthly landscape that is "in thinking mode" and we may help it with taking a decision or it may share some of its considerations with us, or you will share something with it. Right now, I have a neutral position. I wait when the Earthly landscape will have additional moments of clarity, and then I will support the decision taken. Please focus on your own perception of money as a natural value, as a natural attribute of materiality that serves and on which much depends. Your perception of money, your perception of their nature of conductibility... each of you, try to see your take on money. What is more correct for you? Trying to complete the existing order of money or abolishing them all at once and create a new option which anyway will serve the regime of the natural exchange...

I'll pause for a moment and you try to feel into your own the answer, to choose the option that is correct for you. (Pause)

Yes, I hear your thoughts, your considerations. There are no "right" answers, "ready-to-go" decisions that's why the Earthly landscape is in the "thinking" mode, figuring out. And expediency is involved considerably here too. But there is no clarity, yet. When will it be formed? Possibly, by the end of the year. Well... usually, as a rule, at the end of the year, there occurs a significant finishing of processes. And the decision making has been postponed till the end of the month, the end of the year.

What depends on you? How can you participate, contribute, serve the decision to be made? How much is possibly natural for you to trust the existing money as a system? I don't even mean money as an order, rules, but from the energy point of view. Is it acceptable for you? - the sense of trust to existing money?

The sense of trust is a very pure state, very light, very fresh, unclouded, crystal- clear, and, normally, it's mixed with tenderness
. So, these frequencies of trust ... Could it be applied to existing money, to the existing system?

For the rest of the month, observe your sense of trust, but do not force it. If it's not there, then it is not. If you slightly sense it, and it's capable to grow, to extend its frequency, this is an indicator, too. So, it's all up to you, at your discretion.

Now, I'm going to tell you more about the Main points that will be finalized and decided by the end of the year.

Those hidden meanings, that "seems like" but not obvious yet... Sometimes they become "almost", "almost there" - already becoming seemingly obvious/explicit/tangible to you. You may feel that they've ripen enough to be evident - it seems like "still another bit" and different and new meanings will appear in "your area of availability" and will be usable. Yes, the end of the year will be marked by quite a significant change of the meanings. The existing meanings that will remain, won't be the same either. They will absorb different frequencies/revolutions and turn into different categories, into different meanings. How will this exchange happen? - From the point of view of the disconnection of the logic mechanisms, the exchange of the logic mechanisms?

The present set of human logic, on the one hand, is individual, but, on the other hand, there are commonly used meanings and references. They're designed to suit everyone. And now the Earthly landscape can allow oneself to shut them down, is shutting them down. What can I advise to you? What do I ask you to do in the remaining weeks? Well, it can be said this way... the inventory of your own meanings of existence. Try defining for yourself what is and is not essential for you; what have outlived itself. Which way you'd like to grow and acquire new meanings and new scales of meanings of life?

In turn, reality depends on the meanings, on organoleptic characteristics of the meanings - these designs and patterns of existence that will appear in the Field as reality, will be unfolding in some events and effects. That is, first of all, initially there comes choosing the meanings, then - executable files, performed regimes for those files. What I'm giving to you now is not an assignment to do, but rather an assistance in building your own compass. Meaning, this is what is at the forefront now and, therefore, you're going to deal with it.

Well, and the body, as well... The body, which is, both, physical and non-physical; the body of, both, Earth and Cosmos; a mortal body, if in the human category, and an eternal body, if in the category of eternal life. Here, of course, too, there will happen additional significant changes and upheavals. And, of course, a turnaround won't happen in a single year.

However, let's follow these three directions mentioned by me - money and money matters; the meanings, new directions and acquiring new meanings; and the body and everything related to it.
Let's take a short break now. You can let us know about your experiences, and make mini-comments. Then we'll continue ...

I admire you. I, Volodya, see you in the frame and "feast my eyes on you" :))). I know it's not easy for you. The change of the landscape of life - a grand and indescribable change happening on Earth - feels very overloaded. But I assure you that for those who are pioneers in the foreground, it's both, loaded and sparing. The cause of putting yourself “under", serving by yourself, taking the firing in your place - of the fire of change, the fire of transformation - gives you particular value. And life protects you. Life takes you into consideration. Life perceives your presence as unique and tries to utilize you usefully according to what you are as much as possible. It doesn't overburden you with anything that can be expressed otherwise, through "the periphery", in the background. Yes, it loads you with chaos, but not too much. It loads you in a gentle manner.

Now, additionally, we'll create a doping, a vaccine that will re-educate chaos, in accordance with a specific format of re-education for each of you.

So, where am I leading you? ... Yes, it is not easy, overwhelming, but, at the same time, it's the most natural choice and the most beneficial because everything is available first-hand for you in the purest and most concentrated form. Yes, sometimes it's unclear/difficult to understand - concentrated, potent, complex, versatile and multifaceted - but undistorted, pure, just the way it comes out of the source. (In its meaning, Irina's representation is maximally correct in the expression of original codes, original conditions/states).

And then you take it all in, absorb it, express it - in a way, melding with this new dominant state of the landscape, of locality. You forget about the "previous you". You forget "how?" You forget, above all, from the point of view of the energy movements, energy expressions. If the energy is different, then the behavior is different too. Then there will be different thoughts. The body will begin to respond differently.
The further you go forward in the foreground, forward and upward, the more value you gain, despite emergencies, extraordinary situations and chaos. Despite occurred failures, discrepancies, contradictions, it is beneficial. It's a very advantageous place/ position to be. Right now, the newly-forming Earthly landscape endows you naturally with moments of novelty. You see? It even asked your advice with regards to unclear moments - the moments where there is no clarity yet - money matters, for instance, or the other things we'll talk about in a moment.

Please, try to feel how it resonates within you - the act of assigning you an additional value. It's not the same feeling as a sense of human self-esteem, self-worth, of having advantages or disadvantages. It's absolutely different. It's what flows towards you naturally from the forming locality - the Spirit of recognition/appreciation, the Spirit of awarding you an additional value. How does it respond within you? It must! It cannot remain unanswered - the appreciation of the landscape/locality is an enormous energy, although non-human. This recognition of you amplifies you, supplies you with additional currents, additional capabilities - as if you rose to the crest of this locality; as if you're located not in the abyss, on the bottom, but rather on the top, on the crest. Being on the crest requires equilibrium. Yes! Sometimes you can get dizzy from the newness of the conditions or simply because of the sense of grandness of what is happening. Nevertheless, being on the top, is a more beneficial and natural state than being in the abyss or "between the waves".

So, this sense of value of yourself - non-human, newly-obtained - try to additionally cultivate it. Make it a new life skill and you'll see how the perception of yourself is changing; how the human "I" is further fading away - even right up to the moment when it might begin questioning itself if it ever existed at all.
That's how far away the previous remembrance of you goes, becoming just a foggy shadow. A new sense of your own value is coming from the landscape/locality. It is not tied to your human and individual virtues, deeds, merits or flaws and errors. All of this is not important for the locality. It sees where you're located and how you naturally perceive yourself in the foreground and gives you all its power and value. In fact, it helps you flow into a different life, into different Earthly conditions.

No need to be afraid of overload, because this load carries with it new discoveries and transformations, the change of the logic - a whole new series of metamorphosis. What has been coming from the Main Field (generally, not only during this session) is very pure, faultless, and carries sprouts of connections and connections which are original, pure, and clear of the human whirlpool and perceptions of the personality. However, these states are so new that taking them in bears an overload and often is not totally painless. Because previous conditions disappear - some habits, some familiarity.

A moment ago I used a word – “pain”. I'll define. The condition of disease, the condition of illness is, above all, a condition of the environment. It's a manifestation of the locality, a manifestation of the human landscape of life. One or another disease might be caught and become an illness on the human level. However, in principal, the codes of many different kinds of diseases and ailments are originated in the environment, from the parameters of the environment. Right now, it's as if you hatch out of the human skin. It means that previous diseases, old illnesses are irrelevant for you. They are not a threat for you, because they've been vanishing and leaving along with the phantom of the locality. What you feel now (and you feel, unfortunately quite regularly, different kinds of ailments and issues on the level of the physical body) is an illness as a general state - there is an illness, a pain, but the source of it cannot be found, because these particular diseases, from the point of view of codes and protocols, are becoming a thing of the past - they are disappearing together with the locality. How come? Where does the illness, then, actually come from? And how to cope with it? And here, actually, melding with the new conditions of locality is an answer, a solution.

Will diseases exist in the new Earthly environment? Are they planned? Assumed on the level of the creation of the codes? I think, unlikely. A disease is an unnatural state. On the other side, in the human environment, a disease is also a regime of communication. It's a regime which sometimes might lead to a revelation and finding answers. Yes, it's not the most comfortable and gentle regime for awakening and attaining the truth, but if people don't listen, the body doesn't listen... if they plug their ears... However, certainly diseases as regimes of communication in such a harsh (inexorable, cruel) category should not exist in the new Earthly environment.

So, this illness that now is more or less present... what to do with it? Leave it behind as is? Or build it to a new level where it will shift from the state of illness to the state of the natural wholeness? Then the revelation, that should supposedly come through the disease, will come through different forms and frames.
I would give you the following advice - do not try to attribute a disease and symptoms of the disease that you feel to the Earth, but to Cosmos, instead, as if the cause is in the Cosmos, rather than on the Earth. Thereby, you set this illness in a different coordinate system. You admit it as an issue that originates in Cosmos, therefore a solution has to come from Cosmos. If it's so, then Earthly diseases do not threaten you because you've grown to the condition of awareness that you belong to Cosmos.

And it's not even about illness and diseases, it's because the physical body, Earthly body is transforming into the Cosmic body. Illness is one of the keys. Of course, if someone has no health issues, then no need to use this tool ;-) - Cosmos can be accessed directly anyway. But if this phenomenon is present in one or another category, then "do your betting", "place your bets", raise the stakes, declare this illness as a Cosmic category. Ask that you're transferred to a different scale where belonging to the Cosmos is a natural state.

This question about the human body (the third one of those mentioned by me) will become clear at the end of the year and the condition of the Cosmos will strengthen - the condition of belonging to the Cosmos.
In previous human categories of reality, the Earth was the opposite of the Cosmos - if you're on the Earth, then you're not in the Cosmos; if you're in the Cosmos, then you're not on the Earth. But this is a lacuna of the mind. In fact, The Earth and The Cosmos are closely interconnected. The Earth is a natural expression of the Cosmos and no need to build spaceships to fly in space leaving the Earth. Cosmos is here, naturally. The Earth is the Cosmic Earth. And the body is the force that will make obvious the connection of the Earth with Cosmos.

So, this kind of shifts lies ahead. Well, what happens in January and further ahead in our calendar, we'll discuss later. For now, these three main directions are going to be more focused in the following weeks and we've got something to work on.

At the moments of tiredness, overload, remember that the position of being at the forefront is the most natural and beneficial choice because you are the most important: you're in charge here; you're in the Main Field, connected to “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”. It presents you in the most favorable light - in the light of the Main. And you use it and, therefore, this light flows towards you.

There is too much effort - sort of diffused efforts, unfocused, as if eyes look in one direction and the effort is put into another and then, especially, at the end of the day you feel very much exhausted. You feel overworked as if you gave it absolutely everything you could, albeit, looking at the actual circumstances, nothing much happened. This tiredness, exhaustion mostly can be explained by the embodiment/grounding of new categories, of a new time-space, coming through you, while it's in a fragmented condition. But this tiredness can be used for healing, regeneration, as well, just because tiredness, in essence, is a "coming-through" inflow of energy - "earthing" of the energy of Eternity. Therefore, it contains the healing codes of Wholeness. Wholeness - The Whole - the healing coming from the Whole.

So, here is a power move - taking this tiredness and imagining it as a substance, in a form natural for you. Imagine this substance to be a healing mixture and take it once-twice a day, or as needed. As soon as you begin working with tiredness this way, it will start looking new as a fresh coat of paint. It will say thank you for being recognized its value - indeed, it's not simply an exhaustion. So, go ahead - create a mixture and cure yourself. This is in addition to the appeal to the Cosmos and shifting your disease into a Cosmic coordinate system.

And now, let's see what happened to our anti-chaos vaccine. It's a healing vaccine also, but mainly it will help with keeping balance. Chaos is especially unpleasant and dangerous due to its wobbly effect (discouraging impact, put a damper on) to the balanced system that's already organized, attuned, and has many parameters. The course of chaos greatly compromises balance. It's very important for you, as far as possible, to be in your own state of balance, to keep yourself balanced, renew it, and possibly keep it in mind. So, the vaccine we're preparing here, in your turn, you can customize, picture, imagine, and use it when the sense of imbalance especially noticeable - an incoming flow from outside and within - the confusion of thoughts, lack of organization, lack of a practical application, confusion in the tuning of practical things and, as a result, nothing goes right. You see, the new world is different - time is different, space is different. And an application of it to the previous categories demonstrates to be overloaded, to have all sorts of malfunctions. So, apply this vaccine to yourself. Do not overuse it - you're not a "nursery plant" ;-).

Coming into contact with chaos is not life threatening. Though, yes, use your vaccine, because keeping your balance is quite essential.

You see. I lead you to this - there will be a lot of developments, individual inventions, patents, patents of new innovations in this new Earthly culture of existence. You can already begin to invent something as you see fit. You might discover a technique, a trick created for yourself, and life may like it so much that will make it available for everyone, spreading these skills around, across the whole Field. But, of course, it has to come according to your own necessities, interests, balances. Yes. Create! Create new developments, maybe still preliminary; not in a fully developed form to be ready for submission to the patent office. But, yes, dare to create! Use it, test it on you, and offer it to life. And your value will be additionally increased by this. You'll feel an increased flow of new perception within you - the value of the dimension, the sensation of melding with the new locality that breathes the air of value, greatness, significance.

Last but not least. A family - children, parents, spouses, close relatives - a family, as you know it in the human society. How will it manifest itself in the new locality? Where these relations are moving to? How do they evaluate? What is the plan? How do you feel yourself about this - "you are in the family"? What does the family, that surrounds you, mean for you? How do you interact with it? How do you perceive the factor of family relatively to your awareness of the new world? Take a close look. Definitely, there is something here to understand.

For now, we'll leave this question open. Look into it. Try to feel it. Later we'll unfold it and strengthen what can be strengthened. As usual, I unloaded on you so much that it would be enough for a few days of slow conversations and communications. My light additionally interacts with you, apart from what has been said, the words. My light penetrates you and gives you additional pieces of truth, knowledge, insights, sensations, the sprouts of new locality. Our conversation is super-concentrated and you need some time to make a sense of it. Also, a perception of yourself in the Main Field will get stronger.

Good thing, you guys! Well done! :Well Done You don't even know how good you are. Additionally, I want to encourage you. Let's get closer to each other once again. Let's hold our hands together. Let's lean on each other. Let's breathe an air of trust - such a crystal air. Trust in general - Trusting life. Trusting yourself. Trusting me. Trusting your surroundings - the energy available to you right now.

Trusting doesn't mean giving up a critical approach and common sense. But without trust, common sense and critical approach will leave you at the bottom. Trust lifts you up to the top, rises you up on the crest of the wave, lifts you up to “the-absolutely-most-important-thing”.

There is more that could be expressed, but we already had a super-concentrated form of conversation. Let me stop here.

When the session is over, please, move around. Walk around the room. Do Stand-Up Sit-Ups. You can listen to my song about morning exercises or something else.

( http://vo.irinushka.eu/la-ginnastica-ma ... ition_hereNote of Irina) :) :wink:

But, certainly, get moving. It will help grounding trust and meanings, and everything that comes from the Main Field now.

Yes, I know. I know so it is. Bye, guys. Hugs. Thank you.

Tornerò a sollecitare le vostre anime

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Re: Volodia

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This is a part of the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 29.12.2017

New year assignment from Volodia :wink: :Well Done : Love :

:wink: :Well Done :clap aeventi_speciali : Thanks : : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :

The “smallness”... i.e. a bit, a token, the “smallness” as the minimal coagulation of sovereignty/autonomy of money and not only of money, but even of the very substance of consciousness. A new monetary equivalent is born from this smallness, meaning, in quantitative respect, smallness is taken as a basis - a minimum share, minimum value. But at the same time, this smallness, this minimum share of autonomy, by definition, is due. Everyone has it, in one way or another, must have it by his own rights, as a legitimate carrier. In turn, this smallness, which does not necessarily mean some minimum amount of money (this is not a question of bills yet) - is exactly this - as it were a seed - a seed of what money is as a fellowship of the earthly life.

And since it's a basic element that accompanies the earthly life (as well as Time) it means that everyone, in one way or another, is supposed to have it. And now, a new Earthly landscape/locality begins to issue these very “smallnesses” with receipt to be signed.

So, let's play it out New Year's Eve in the following way ...

You then know that these new monetary principles are issued with receipt. If you know, then you should receive. Please receive it any way you're able to imagine it. It's up to you, the main thing is that it's given to you, it is due to you. Therefore, please take it, claim it and continue to use it for your goodness. This smallness might be interpreted as a kind of life-giving valve which, in one way or another, gives a different content, a different meaning to the bills and banknotes, and money that you currently use - as if it re-centers and re-directs them to the right direction. And then what will grow out of this smallness? - There may be a quantity, but above all, there will be a quality because smallness is precisely the basic interface, a specific unit of unifying oneself with materiality - with the earthly materiality through what are the material values, the turnover of the material values.

Try to further play out the receiving of this element.
It's important that you become creative about this. It's important that you additionally fill this smallness with your own energy currents, your attitude. Take advantage of your own imagination, and just use pure joy - the joy of owning such an entirely new element of money. You can create a new wallet for it or may buy one, or somehow emphasize that you just want to look after this element. Feel it as goodness, also as the fact that you receive this money element from the center with a receipt to be signed, from the main which means that this money element is clean, pure, just radiating with purity. It means that it has not yet been involved in any earthly actions and interactions. Well, as if it's just come down from the shipyard.
So... try to catch its qualities. Right now, I give a very brief representation, briefly trying to convey the essence of what's happening. Then you try supplementing further my briefness with your energy currents, your emotions, your joy. Money is a living/alive element. It is an element of the walks of life and an element of journeying through life, therefore they're already oriented to the main direction that Jesus represents and marks. Therefore, money is already from him, and, also, oriented to the perspective that he opens. So I would not be afraid of saying that this money is holy, pure, enlightened.

Why do I ask you to schedule receiving money specifically for the festivity midnight? Because it will be just nice. It will be beautiful because you, yourself, will arrange such celebration for you. Of course, this is not a strict necessity. If you wish, it can be done right now, today, turning your thought to the main field and asking for this smallness, due to you, to be delivered right away. You can, yes, you can. But still, the game, it's so wonderful. And in the New Year's Eve, there is such a huge gust of playing. There is such mass of energy moving, circulating, serving particularly the moment of game. It's not accidental of having a custom of making wishes. By the way, wishes still can be made. No one has canceled this rule yet. Although, try to use the moment of playing and the energies and connections that are especially new, especially these "newly-recruited" connections born from eternity, that are getting into use. They are especially sensitive to this moment of game.

Therefore, the more you allow yourself to play the nature of the game, the more energies naturally will come closer to you and begin to serve this game of yours, the magical music of your game. Therefore, do not limit yourself to getting a money element with receipt only, although this, of course, is also very important. Give yourself freedom to feel the moment of game, this very element of playfulness. You may find some sort of word suitable for the definition of this element of game. A word of love. Game and love. A playful source and love.

In the sense that I mean the game - they are very related categories. A game that is eternal. A game that involves the eternal source. There is naturally love in the game, and, of course, the joy of winning. In this mode of the game, losing is excluded, not even taken into account; there cannot be a defeat. There may be a new round of the game, some modifications of the settings of the game, but the game, by its definition, is always a win. Do not ever forget this. Again, if there is, perhaps, some sense of defeat, or, at least, of a loss, try to use the moment of the game in such a way that this loss would quickly evaporate, or turn into something else.

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Re: Volodia

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This is the translation from russian to english of a part of the wonderful session with Volodia of January the 25th 2018 – his very very special day.

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :

First of all, the new image - avatar that Volodia “ordered” ;-) for his anniversary:
Vtornerv_f.jpg (459.28 KiB) Viewed 13760 times



Hello, my dears. I'm so glad of having this meeting. I was preparing for it, perhaps, you did too. Let's just greet each other, however, whoever wants. So much joy, so much love, so much power, so much knowledge! And we exchange and share with each other all of it here…

… Everything is connected now - everything is connected to everything. Everybody is connected to each other. Our thoughts create such an unprecedented regime of unification that the old notion of space and space-time retreats in the background of this unity…

… Here, there is a very strongly condition of "then" – a "then" which is not now. And if we cancelled these modes of time - this conditional division into then, now, and after? What would we then get? What would happen? - We'd begin to open the treasure! The treasure of eternal life...

All (past) connections get restored through the present moment…

… It's a natural state - the present that gives, that appeals to the past and helps it to "come to itself" ... in accordance with the present. Only then, only after that, we can say farewell to the past. Only then, the past can be released. But, first, the past has to be restored to its natural wholeness, to what was due to it. Otherwise, it keeps moaning and groaning, and demanding attention because something is still off in the past…

This process (described in his words) that Vladimir has performed to restore the natural wholeness of the past, can now be done by anybody for himself too…

… From my present, I broadcast the power that's needed for my then-power in the past to attain a state of natural wholeness. What exactly am I broadcasting? Not just a mass of power, I transfer settings, frequencies/revolutions, tones of loving kindness, that could not yet blossom in that world. But, now they can, and, by this, we re-create anew that past world - such a fleeting moment when past and present merge together. In turn, because of this realignment of the past, the present becomes also much stronger. "Wow, Iook what I can afford to do!" the present says, "I can influence the past, I am all-powerful, I am truly the real present, the real Real. I am the power." (The Russian word "nahs-toh-YAH-schiy] has more meanings: 1. present, as a present moment in time 2. real 3. genuine, complete, having real quality)…


… Let's talk about the current moment - about you who is "beyond"- beyond previous boundaries, beyond previous assumptions. How do you feel yourself within this "beyond"? What do you do with yourself, and by yourself?

Beyond - it's an area/section of the locality where there is no division and strict separation. In fact, even a reference point, such as that of human beings, becomes irrelevant. - There are profiles, and there are silhouettes, but "human beings", as "written" into the environment of reason, are leaving now. Something different has been replacing these previous states of human qualities.

The Main thing now is energy-transmission. Touching everything by Oneself. Whatever and whoever you "touch" now, you touch the Whole and you feel yourself as representatives of the Whole. Try to touch everything by (with) yourself as much as possible, as often as possible, because this feeling of being in communication with the Whole is still very new. It's necessary to get used to it. It needs to be taken care of. Right now, any actions of yours, even the most random, chaotic ones, are the sacrament - the regime of the unity with the Whole, the regime of pioneering, doing it for the first time. Try to deal/get into contact with this and that. Do no take detours from responsibilities/duties that you're sick of, that you find boring. They are, too, the sacrament, pioneering, therefore, do not let your previous assumptions/perceptions about these duties prevent the enjoyment of authoring along your own copyrighted way.

This is your way. This is your framework. This is your street. When you touch this and that, it's unprecedented. Do not be fooled by the fact that something similar happened yesterday, or something similar has already been recorded. Not at all. It's new. The frequencies are constantly renewing. In the new earthly dimension, there cannot be a repetition. This dimension is built exactly upon non-repetition. Therefore, notice your reactions that can be familiar, like, "Well, I already know this.", "I'm so bored of it", "I already know how it ends." Those habits have to be removed from you, bit by bit.

Then, the freshness of the new dimension will naturally find its way within you - freshness, naturalness, and joy, of course - the joy of the pioneering work. Finding the new for the first time is joy - It's touching the light that did not exist before. It is discovering, all by yourself, the frequencies that never existed before. Life is an ocean of joy…

Knowledge and Health

… All we knew as knowledge, is off. Terribly off. Actually, the previous familiar knowledge has always been limping, but not in such an obviously noticeable manner. But now, this previous knowledge is really falling apart. However, at the same time, you don't suffer the lack of knowledge. Somehow this gap gets renewed, restored, compensated. Pure knowledge, pieces of pure knowledge come from somewhere, somehow appear. From where? Later on, review for yourself what the regime "I know" means to you. It's not necessary identifying everything that you know, but simply notice the state of possessing the knowledge. What is it? What is the nature of it? How do you estimate the value of this possession? Play with this plot a bit. Look deeper into it and assure yourself that a natural renewal of knowledge happens through an interface (protocols) which is absolutely new and solely your own for each of you.

This knowledge - the individual connection to knowledge - means a lot of things, including a connection to your own code of health.

Health and knowledge - words of not exactly the same root. But health is hugely depending on knowledge (here Vladimir plays with the Russian words: knowledge, health, hugely - that have close similarity in sounds) - the obvious knowledge, the hidden knowledge, the knowledge of the environment. Right now, there begins the phase of acquiring your own exclusive channel of accessing the knowledge, and thus, to your own codes and protocols of health. How can we determine health? - As a condition of one's own natural wholeness. If there is wholeness, then there is health. If wholeness is corrupted somewhere in something - if there is a lack of something - so it's sensed, more or less, at the level of health.

At the time, you (and me, too) were fed by the type of the knowledge that is not compatible with perfect health, by definition, because that knowledge was not whole, because it did not contain "the main/the most important", because of the repetitions. Well, you know...
And right now, there begins self-withdrawing of this huge, grand load of previous knowledge, which is limping and falling apart, and that is simply departing. It is not here anymore. Yesterday it was here, and, today, you look around, and there is nothing, there is an empty space. There is no such knowledge anymore. There are no such frequencies/revolutions anymore. Why? Because now you can start getting individual access to the body of knowledge, to the regime of knowledge. And for everyone, naturally, knowledge should be accessible, individually personalized, and exactly what needed at the moment. And, at the same time, there begins to take form a framework of health - untypical health, which is not based on common principles and precedents - but precisely based on one's own individual regime of wholeness, which is health also.

I think I made you happy with this news. :D Of course, it might be and needs to be strengthened additionally, and optimized. Try feeling yourself of being natural users of this mass of knowledge which is also health, that naturally flows to you. It flows to you, but you have to absorb it into yourself. Making efforts from both sides. Therefore, open yourself up to it. Do not be afraid of opening up. It means not to be afraid of abandoning some previous dogmas, the old archives, the knowledge present in your memory. You won't become with no memories at all.

But try not to support all that knowledge, the human knowledge, that is based on repetition, replication, and sameness. Along with overcoming this previous interaction with knowledge, within you, feel as if little sprouts of this new health are breaking through, which is nothing but the wholeness. Feel how your body rejoices, breathes and transforms from it…

Movements and Vitality

… I'd say, there comes an inflow of eternal life into a human plan. Into familiar human screenplays, the decorations, the streams of thoughts, there comes a very strong tide of eternal life - rushing down the Earthly plan, unfolding, taking places, here and there. It's very interesting to observe. For me, from my side, it's very interesting to observe how it all happens. Here it is - eternal life! It would seem, one should enjoy it - this is such a revelation, such an unexpected turnaround. This is an answer! However, it's not that simple. It's not that easy to assimilate such frequencies/revolutions.

It's exactly that the forms of human activity, the familiar human activities push away the eternal life, the frequencies/revolutions of the eternal life. Movements, even the surrogate ones, are dynamics, one way or another. Dynamic is the quality of life, the quality of the earthly plan. These movements are often inadequate, and, yes, surrogate. These movements are not even active, but rather pre-active. It would seem to be very natural to open up to these frequencies/revolutions of eternal life and absorb them and transform themselves to become different movements. But, no, they hold the line (muster the defence, stand their ground) until the end. Not all of them, of course. But these forms of current life activity are very heavyweight. It's heavyweight even in the activity where, it would seem, there are no such intentions, where there seems to be a desire for ease/lightness. But even this desire for ease is stitched into very heavy casings. And this dynamic is used as a justification - if it's a movement, if it's a dynamic, then it is life. If it's life, then we don't need to open up to the presence of different frequencies/revolutions - the frequencies of eternal life.

And here I can see a narrow passage. As if there is a full-flowing river, a rapid stream, and here there is slowing down, swirling, spinning. And often it feels like very uncomfortable states, to be exact, the repetition/multiplication of the state of discomfort - discomfort squared, discomfort cubed. I'm not talking about you, particularly, but rather generally, about all the Earthly dimension how it appears to me on the screen.

Take a closer look at your current life activity. It's clear, of course, that movements are good. Of course, movement is wonderful. It has to be this way. And movements, even the simplest ones, must be wonderful, must be an organ of life. But let them be an organ of eternal life, rather than simply an organ of human life - life that is fraught with death. Look closely at your current movements to see how they're packed into formats and casings, heavyweight and bulky. Try to release them (your movements) making them be just pure movements without uniforms, without casings. Then they will pull into themselves and attract what is a breath of eternal life - which is widely streaming down to the Earthly plan.

It also concerns the movement of thoughts, not only the movements of physical activities, related to work or leisure time - this is movements in a rather broad sense. The vitality (life activity) - a combination of thoughts, body, external and internal - this can also be called faith/trust, as a synonym of the definition of "faith". We talk (not only we, but you too) about trust, renewal of faith, so the renewal of faith happens through this movement.

It happens naturally. Naturally. Rapidly. Try making it be most comfortable, most painless. Here superstitions can reveal themselves in an unexpected way - superstition in the broadest sense of the word; superstitions that are encoded in the human ancestry. If you feel these superstitions within you, do not try to overcome them head-on. Be softer. Be more flexible. Be smart. And always, in any situation, you can and must appeal to this vortex of eternal life and ask for assistance.

You should ask to "give you a hand" if it's very hard to pull yourself out of this coat of the familiar movements, familiar forms of common activities of life. Feel free to contact. Ask. You're listened to. And you can hear too. This is also an effort - asking for help. By the way, regarding superstitions... I'd call a superstition also this credo that everyone has to rely only on himself. Yes, it's a superstition and departing faith. In the regime of the locality, where we are - insisting on that "I am personally" is not quite a mistake, but rather is like using small value cards and chips, while one could use cards, chips, the units of life of much bigger value.

Therefore, do not be afraid of overcoming yourself "confident in your own power, in the power of your personality” and asking for help from those who are above and around, who are in a different area of consciousness. Feel that you're listened to and may it become the feeling of the new order of life. You've been born again now, reborn again and re-created. You've been finding yourself again, re-discovering yourself in a different refraction of Eternity.

And this is such a joy - boundless joy of life! But this is a gradual process and it's impossible to know in advance its course, what will happen next, what kind of new frequencies/revolutions will be formed during this pioneering process. And it's not necessary to know. Just feel the awe and mystery of the rebirth. And rejoice! And everything will open. Without exaggeration, everything! Any condition, any state. Everything will open in the new. In a new quality.

The most important thing is not being fixated on previous knowledge. And you'll see that life is an endless series of magical transformations - with you, and in front of your eyes, and with all Earthly dimension…

… The Main thing now is not to move against the Earthly dimension - how it wants to show itself, to demonstrate itself. And it wants to open unprecedented, and that would not be common places, and general patterns and there would not be a mechanical use of repetitive movements...

… Every time - to begin again, from scratch, with no drafts…

… The Earthly dimension, the conductor of which I am, is an entirely different world - this is a world of anti-repetition. Yes, it's not exactly a human world. The main dimension is the movement of energies, the behavior of energies - not external states and conditions, but, first of all, the breath of energies and attaining your own sense and ability to measure these energies. Each of you is your own scale, your own dimension. Each creates his own unity and the world unity…

… In a way, each of you is on his own, his own path, but, simultaneously, united with everything, with all light, with different possible states of Earthly state…

… Life is increment/gain. With every movement, something new is created, added, opened, etc.
Life is eternal increment.

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Re: Volodia

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This is a part of the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 22.02.2018

:wink: :Well Done :clap aeventi_speciali : Thanks : : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :


Everyone is here. Everything is here.

Now extra Softness will be added. It has our special invitation. We welcome it to gently unfold in our unified high-frequency field and, also, in the individual locality of your own field presence. Today and now, there is so much 'know-how" concentrated in this softness - skills, manners, words of magic, different tools.

Let's make you additionally open up this softness for yourself - within you, around you. Feel how this softness streams with additional frequencies/revolutions.

So, what is on our agenda today? Exactly this - unpacking this "know-how" - unpacking, attuning, getting into use. The most important thing is the Interaction – the Interaction with oneself, with the field, with the volume of life, with all kinds of life twists. So, softness allows us to make supplementary benchmarks of interactions - a framework of interactions. A custom design - for each there is an individual optimum framework. It might be called "manners" - the manners of interaction.

Manners of Interaction

Now imagine yourself being taken measurements for a custom-tailored outfit - there are various tailors, apprentices, those in supporting roles - fussing around you. What is required of you? - First of all, to breathe. To breathe in full. Stretch your hands overhead - some measurements will be taken. Then bring them slowly down, stretching at sides. Take a couple more of full breaths. And just call your command which is "My Manners of Interaction. My manners of interaction with life, with the-most-important-thing, with circumstances/conditions. My specific signature of interaction". You say, "I ask for helping to adjust all of it." Your helpers begin to fuss around you again - because too many parameters must be agreed, small details have to be fine-tuned. The quality relies exactly on this.

As these new manners are acquired and begin to hatch, the previous ones (those that are not custom-tailored, or maybe they are, but still in a different life category) will gradually disappear. They will be simply moved out of the stage.

Well, from what do these manners of interaction begin? First of all, it's freshness. It's always unimaginable freshness. Freshness, itself, is always a quality. Freshness is a dimension of its own. Let freshness in, additionally. Let your own "yardstick" of freshness in.

"The manner of interaction" means that I, as the main character, the hero of happenings, am always in tonus. Thus, each of you, upon gaining these newly-emerging ways of interacting with life, by definition, are getting "in tone" (on your toes, in good shape).

What does "to be in tone" mean? Fist of all, to perceive oneself as a reality, as naturalness. Perceiving oneself in his own plan, in his own habitat, life sequence. This plan is not only physical, although, physical also. Also, it is transformative, and transforming, dynamically re-encoding/transcoding itself and naturally supplementing/executing itself. When you are "in tonus", everything is "that" (exactly as supposed to be). And also, it's "no matter what". No matter what you have, what is present. No matter the title. It just sounds like "that". And the connection with "that" is perceived as a connection with "the Main thing", as a significant connection, as a natural order of connection. And you generate, use, execute this connection, and also rejuvenate yourself from "that". And you gain an expansion/increment from it.

Connections as particles of micro-environment - of your micro-environment, of your tonus. Your manners are also your scale. A scale of your specific increment, pioneering, rooting yourself along the path of your movement.

How do you perceive yourself relative to the events? - Within them? Or already, partly above them? Within, of course. But not only within. You are already doing it. But try doing it with more perseverance and persistence - being present in any conditions using your own manners of communications and connections - those that we are creating right now.

Your manners are extensions, the force of expansion, the spirit of expansion. It means that the circumstances that were created as "off-the-shelf" in the world of people with no relativity, when you begin to unpack your own specific manners within them, the familiar "seams and pleats" that were laid within, fall apart, are re-born again. The circumstances stop to be "ready-made" and begin to be a personification/embodiment of your particular manner of being - to be and interact. You can just absorb/take in these circumstances/conditions, using your own manners. Please, do not think that the circumstances are bigger, have a large volume. It's not a matter of size. It's about settings, centering, being in tonus.

When you begin to possess the circumstances as an embodiment of your own manners of interaction with life, they (the circumstances) will be reborn very swiftly because their status has changed. They begin to be yours - an embodiment of your manner of being. So they change their tone, and cuts, and settings, and extra "add-ons" and sprouts appear that never existed before.

Now, right away, let's implement what you've already gained, began to gain. We apply it with regard to yesterday's circumstances. So this request ... each of you, please, focus on the circumstance, that happened yesterday, that went not quite well, you might have a feeling that something could be altered yet; that you haven't figured something out about it yet; that something is not quite adjusted yet. So invite it into the field. Then unfold the present tonus that you have now, how we're creating it now.

Invite the circumstance, pull it closer even if it's resisting. Then unfold within you this tonus - your interaction with life. Let this tonus overflow yesterday's circumstance, re-adjust, reset. Look! From this circumstance, some other currents of loving kindness, that haven't been seen, begin to flow. They were deeply locked somewhere in there. They can be extricated. How do you do this? - By your manners and your status, by your awareness that you are a successful carrier of this state of the interaction with life. As a result, something has faded away and is gone from yesterday's circumstance.

Imagine your face

Once again, focus on what are your manners of being in the process of becoming. Imagine your face, which somewhat resembles what you see in the mirror. But when I say "face", perhaps, I mean something else not just the face you see regularly in the mirror. I would title this face as a "playlist". This is a set of play tunes, incitements, angles of sovereignty, meanings that are already in use and those unavailable yet. "A playlist" is a category of Wholeness. It is a set of qualities, precisely.

So, feel yourself as a face which is a playlist, a set, also. And new qualities might shine through right away. They are not accessible for you, just a human "face"/person, (in Russian, the words "face", "person", "image" are homonyms-the same spelling) but are naturally inherent in the multi-profiled being - a connector, a unifier, a creator of your own Earthly plan.

What is happening with this multi-profiled, multi-facet face/image? How is it perceived by you in the regime of the “narrow-formatted" individual, in the familiar old-fashioned image of personality? Something can be perceived, something can not. In any case, there is a sense that you're definitely a phenomenon, a category of continuation - self-continuing naturally. So, yes, it's not just a person, but rather a set of persons, a set of attributes, and qualities, and manners, and habits. So, how to look in the face of yourself, multi-faced? Which mirror to look into? How to open eyes? Where to direct attention to? That's why interaction is needed. Exactly, interacting allows you to see clearly with your own eyes what you're, who you're, how you're, about what you're.

Today we began with it - an interaction which is much broader than just a human profile interaction. In the process of the formation of your manners of interaction, I see how your familiar faces begin to attain new qualities, new manners because of the wider interaction, precisely - to take in what exactly is coming towards you from life - the plans of interaction, the regimes of interaction.

Please, have a look at your current regime of interaction. How would you describe it? In any case, it is a network, regardless how busy it is for you now - intense or not, full or not. An interaction - is a unified network. And circumstances, simultaneously, nourish and consume, sustain and serve. Circumstances are a background field, on one side, and a transmitter-receiver, on the other side - that is, it charges you. It's a system of switches - to turn on-off, to get in-out of the play.

How many circumstances of yours are powered currently? Approximately. Feel it, relative to the nominal potential of interaction - a nominal potential in receiving the charge and giving away/serving/charging? If you feel that the ratio is not naturally balanced - that you have very few circumstances or that their "power lines" are not significant, then you can try to strengthen it. But what to strengthen? - Everything together, in the whole, rather than just one condition, one factor. You precisely deal with the entire network, all frequency connections, even though you tend to think about single definite directions, situations which take your particular attention. But if asking about strengthening yourself to feel a greater voltage of life, you should ask about the full overall workload. If you agree with this, if you want to formulate this request, then do it. I support you as possible. No need to define additional parameters. It's not possible for you to calculate how much and for how much you may additionally strengthen the overall workload with life. Simply ask to strengthen, if you feel this way for yourself.

Those manners of interaction with life, that are forming right now, will help taking on the additional workload, to extra charge, and to balance all of it. It's possible to manoeuvre/tack with circumstances because it's all a unified network. The energetic fuel circulates into the entire network; therefore, you can balance the workload to move from one circumstance to another. In turn, it withdraws you from the previous images of human faces. This navigation/manoeuvring/tacking, the perception of life to its full potential, the perception of oneself as the main centre of the locality - you have this status, by definition.
Okay, let's take a few more deep breaths. The manners are additionally being absorbed, digested...

The chords of loving kindness, and an order of life

Such a huge mass of loving kindness is present - in each of you, and in our regime of unity. Your eyes still see the familiar order of life, and at the same time, observe different orders, even though you don't see them with your human sight. But you can see, considering the energy you interact with. It's like nerves, additional nerves that can pinch you, or you can somehow feel even though there are no equivalents, yet. The world is still unfolding towards what you see, the important thing is you already see beyond.

Let's additionally strengthen this loving kindness. It's so tender/soft, and so strong. It's warming everything in the world. Loving kindness is a concert - the concert of the landscape/locality. These are chords - the chords of the play of loving. In this feeling of goodness that envelopes you, your specific chords of loving kindness are making themselves visible. Feel them. These chords are also your manners of interaction and the manner of being in life. It's a key.

Until now, a feeling of loving kindness was just a feeling of loving kindness. And now, the chords of loving kindness begin to be perceived. It means we are moving to a different level. Chords of loving kindness mean that they can sound, they can perform. They can be performed in action, in movements. It is loving kindness of playfulness.

Also loving kindness is a surge. Almost always, it's an impulse, an incentive, demand in action. At the same time, it's a state of self-sufficiency and an order - feeling yourself in peace and harmony. And an impulse also.
So those chords of loving kindness, that begin to blossom, to sound within, where do they call you? To what kind of actions do they invite you? This action is unfolding and rolling up. This action is a global refocusing of the entire Earthly dimension mass. This action is not of individual nature.

But your specific chords of loving kindness, which are (trust me) very unique (mixed on very unique frequencies), allow you to orient yourself in this mass, in the conglomerate. So, you move through your life, and you're carried by life, and you orient yourself in life. Your chords are a natural organ of the operation (command) of movements, of interaction. If you begin to feel them, you can additionally stir them and tune in. They exist. They are definitely present.

All looks very promising. Let's take that impulse / surge for movement that has ripened and which we will nourish additionally and let's try to orient it to something more concrete. That is, the impulse is directed to the entire mass of life, into the density of life, into this global action of folding-unfolding, and refocusing, but we will try to make sure that each of you attain additional clarity and a perspective in respect of your specific circumstances, those that are a personification of your ways of interacting with life.

So, look forward. Look into the field. Look into what is your natural re-densification of the matter. Look into what is the mass of life. A look into, using your own chords of loving kindness. Yes, they have just begun to unfold, but they already exist. You have them. They belong to you. You can use them as a tool, as a power tool. Right now, you may feel getting attracted to something, that something might appear in your focus, and draw your attention - partly an answer, partly a response, partly a kind of hello from this much-promising field of life, partly a confirmation of re-centering, dynamically occurring.

Once again, let's focus on the image of your specific circumstances which are not "ready-made-for-everybody", which are a personification of your manners of interaction. How can they be felt? They are so soft, charged with springs, sparkles. They are so light, careful, favourable, sensitive. Sensitive, yet self-confident. Within them, currents of self-confidence are moving around. These circumstances contain threads of eternity - the threads and weave of Eternity. Therefore, they breathe in a different way. They breathe the air of Eternity. And they are so alive. They're so pleasant to touch. There is a desire to caress them, to be charged by the force of life and Eternity. On one hand, these circumstances are yours. They are so yours. You feel that they are yours. On the other hand, they're not to be touched as a person. They're yours, but not as a simple human profile. They are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted. And the most important thing is they are alive - so clearly, definitely alive.

Their threads, their nerves of life are alive. You can feel the pulse of life when touching these circumstances, when dealing with them. They can be very different by their logic, but, anyway, they are much-promising. This logic is to fulfil "the-most-important-thing", fulfilling the future, performing the main refraction. And because of this, they are careful/sensitive/ favourable, even though they may contain moments that are not so pleasant and attractive. But feel the fabric - the fabric of unification, the fabric of the main narrative that is unfolding as a Whole. And circumstances play their roles and leave. Some of them stay longer, some of them leave right away, some of them keep coming back an encore. But the main thing is the interconnectedness that you feel and is unfolding within by interacting with circumstances. Connections are a live energy.

The word "Connection" - Cвязь (the russian word Cвязь - Svjazʹ also meens: communication, relation, relationship, nexus, contact, signal, bond, link, conjunction, coherence, cohesion, liaison, telecom, binding … :wink: :lol: :D The root Вязь – Vjaz’, is a type of Cyrillic ornate lettering - ligature - Note of Irina )

Let's take this very word - "Connection" - and additionally rehabilitate it. Look how I see it. I see that this word contains barn locks and latches. The word itself is wonderful. It's oriented to connect, to open, to attract. But it's loaded with these locks and latches of meanings and frequencies. Please, clean your specific connection/relation. Those locks are not necessarily personal. Quite the contrary, they are not personal. But they significantly slow down what a connection is as a super-all-connection, as a state of the universal consciousness.

Therefore, begin to clean right now, and then continue - tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. This is an assignment for you. Try to clean thoroughly what is for you the word and phenomenon of "Connection". From this action, you will gain some frequencies, and energy carriers, and meanings - the connection is a search for new meanings also. When locks are taken away, then new meanings will appear and begin to play, and so on, progressively.

What is happening with words at all? We've touched this subject not only once. Right now, the word, literally any word is connected to "the-most-important-thing" - what's happening in the locality - folding-unfolding-alterations. The word is a natural contact and connector. Words, especially some of them, are tired of their own old outfits. They would like to appear differently, to use themselves in a different regime, to alter the meanings - "I were one word and now I want to be a different word."

And literally, there happens a roll-call between the words that feel a necessity to become different, unfolding in altered quality. There can be offered an analogy here as I mentioned before - "a narrow face" and "a manifold face". With words, it can be said - there is a word in its common meaning and there is a word of "portfolio" that includes a set, a collection of signs of speech quality that are connected and have a common root, or some kind of element of unification.

Look at the word "portfolio". It means not the only word, but rather a volume. In this volume, what? Certainly, there is much more life in there than in the association with a single (and categorical) word. This portfolio can be played with, flirted with. By the way, it's also a tool for observing "the-most-important-thing".

Eyesight and Vision / Look

Now, let me ask you to touch your eyes. First, you close them, then, touch them with your hands. And... please, free them, give freedom to your eyes. They, too, have precepts, and mandatory parameters. They were obliged to emit light in a certain way, so they are, even though they could have already done it in a different way - to see differently, to connect and to join what they see, based on a different basis. So, please, liberate your vision.

If, of course, you feel it to be natural for you. Let it go, release it from precepts and predispositions. Allow your vision to see what is natural to it, what will naturally appear in the light of the renewing landscape/locality. Let it go. Additionally, you can soak it with softness. We have plenty of softness/tenderness here today. Say words of your appreciation for serving you well, for former skills of perception and observation.

But now, may it feel itself free to see, to be, to perceive the way that is natural and appropriate for your vision. Your perception of you depends on your eyesight/vision very much because, above all, it's a centering/focus. It's not much who and what someone can see, but rather it's centering of the locality and oneself in the locality. It's the orienting/streamlining/ordering of signs of being in the locality. Once again, additionally soak it with softness. It's very pleasant for your vision. Freshness benefits from it. Irradiation, which is not overexposed, benefits from it. Your own perception of you benefits from it.

The Softness, that we allowed to come into the field with such power, will continue to lead you and our session. Softness, literally, is a leading character and the moving force right now, therefore your perceptions and possible questions will be soaked with softness.

What are the circumstances? -They're images, a system of images, a behaviour of the images, a behaviour of the world of the landscapes through particular images. First of all, one parameter is important - the consumption of energy, as well as the variety of energies presented in the images. So, a circumstance is supplementary, supporting. It carries working material, and helps receiving, loading, reloading, re-formatting. So, the end product is, first of all, energetic transformation...

What to expect (in the process of dealing with circumstances)? Expect the mystery of "re-birthing" of energy, feeling yourself as the main platform/interface of conjunction, transformation...

In any activity, any action, even a small one, there has to be a feeling of freshness - "I've done. I gave. Thanks to me, a new freshness has been generated”. This sensation is so clear, that you detect it right at the spot, and possess it right away. And you don't need any permission or additional confirmation. You just know that, thanks to you, this extra freshness has been released. Then, thank yourself, and the supporting stage, too…

Let's talk about mass, masses, pioneers, team of pioneers and spreading out the current happenings.

I think that you feel yourselves to be a moving force. Your authority/autonomy/sovereignty has unfolded so much that it becomes natural to feel yourselves a moving force in the regime of unification and our togetherness.

What characterizes and is natural for the status of being a moving force? How does it think (the moving force)?

It can turn itself on and off. It can additionally strengthen its frequencies/revolutions. It can feel the appropriateness of turning to a particular direction, or changing a trajectory, or, on the contrary, of keeping going the path it moves along. However, the logic of this moving force is in the revolutions - the natural unwinding /expanding of the frequencies/revolutions. It is self-sufficient. Look at yourselves with its eyes. If you look at yourselves and around in the narrow format of a human being, then you notice many people who, as you think, don't know, don't understand, don't match. And now, look at ourselves through the eyes of the moving force as you naturally are, if you want this, if you choose this, if it feels natural for you.

Loot at the surrounding world... People, appearing in front of you, are not the same people any more, who could be seen with narrow human eyes. Simply, by your status of moving force you transform them because you transform the entire field. You renew the entire system of the Earthly energy-carriers. I would say, that your eyesight doesn't focus on separated, single people. It can see them, of course, but you naturally include these singles into frequencies/revolutions of the “most important thing” – the main field, the force of the locality, the frequencies of transformation.

And people, in turn, think not as they did before, they think differently. You naturally empower with/hand them out angles and tones of the force, with which you, too, are naturally engaged. So, it happens that you would de-spell and empower people, wherein not using the regime of "person-to-person". Because in this case, the direct regime of "one-to-one" doesn't exist any more. It's washed away. In doing so, you use your status of the moving force, of being on the frontier line. Yes, you employ this status. Look at how, thanks to this, people seem to become pale in their former quality, and are getting centered in a different volume. And you empower them with a greatness that they're not even aware of. Because this greatness is not perceivable underneath the skin of the human personality. But you possess greatness as a moving force. And what you possess you cannot help expressing it. So, it happens that people obtain a different path, a different happening. There begins their "different walkings", "walkings in different circumstances." It's very, very interesting to watch. The perceptional findings can be stunning, really exhilarating, because it is like a confirmation of the power of the locality - showing what the locality can afford to do - how it can naturally re-format previous orders, weaknesses, vulnerability.

So, my answer, by no means, is final. And we are together going to watch and serve this. Just remember, when you feel yourself being in the status of the moving force, the whole world appears in an appropriately corresponding image. Therefore, the management is different, the interaction (which we place at the center) is different.

Loving kindness, as well, because you tune in differently the entire landscape by your chords of loving. But this swing is of the whole locality. It's not supposed to be "from-human-to-human", even though, any element, any circumstance, any action can evoke the application of this swing, this regime. As well, feedbacks can be observed at the level of single subjects.

Try to feel your connection to the locality. Literally, try feeling yourself as the locality. Feeling yourself as a breath of the locality. What's perceived as a current condition of the locality is like a literal interpretation (substring/crib/pony/trot/ gloss/interlinear). May be somewhat convenient, somewhat not so much. But this is not the main condition.

So, pull yourself out of this state of the "word-to-word-translation", feel yourself as the Wholeness. Feel that you are a natural translator/ transmitter of everything that the entire locality represents.
Current circumstances, as a literal interpretation, are very limited, vulnerable, somewhat boring and tiring. But at the same time, they also contain and absorb the main thing. They contain signs, appointing to the main thing. So being in there, do not forget this - "a literal interpretation" is just that - "a literal interpretation". And breathe, breathe the air of unification. Allow the Main Vision of the Creator in - into you as a representative/embodiment of the locality.

Please, do not suffer of pauses, disconnections, feelings of purposelessness. It's just the format of literal interpretation (substring/crib/pony/trot/ gloss/interlinear). But in the Main Happening and Vision, everything is going, moving, united. Everything is connected to everything. Therefore, you should and should not trust this literal interpretation. You trust it because it is you also, and it's natural to trust yourself. And you don't trust it too much, otherwise you begin to meld together with this literal interpretation - and this would be a dependency, and vulnerability and weakening of your own frequencies/revolutions.

Thank you all. I'm finishing the session. I love everyone. I bow in saying goodbye. Please, do not ignore the assignments I formulated for you. On this, by the way, the narrative of the Main event depends too. I love. Thank you.

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This is a part of the translation from Russian to English of the wonderful session with Volodia and the Creator of the 17.04.2018

:wink: :Well Done :clap aeventi_speciali : Thanks : : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :



I'm beginning our meeting. Actually, I've already begun. I'm ON AIR. I'm already preparing you with appropriate elements. Let's together look into the field, the situation, in our current place which is "Where". Let's... as far as someone has a birthday today, so let's additionally stir this joyful mood - celebration, joy, just pure joy. Charge yourself with this joy, exchange it with each other. My joy also is actively present here.

Today is such a day worth describing it additionally. This day is on the edge of "being" and "becoming". So in the coding of this day, are present the previous codes of being - linearly, orderly (Russian word also has another meaning - decent, acceptable), according to established rules. Simultaneously, there are the codes of "becoming". Becoming is not being because, by the status of its codes, becoming has a higher "rank". If there're codes of becoming, then the codes of being are partly rolled up, partly become unessential, obscure. They just give away, willingly, their place to the codes of becoming.

What is it? - Becoming?

Becoming in what meaning, volume, point of view? Surely you have these questions. Before answering these questions, try to find a support, as much as possible, in the codes of becoming. You may consider them like visitors from the future. You may think that the field and The Creator share with you these codes. Find their support, use them.
Becoming - in the present time. Becoming - How is it? What do you feel about it? How do you sense this reference point of "becoming"?

I think, it's partly what you're doing and what's happening with you, and partly is what relates to the locality.

To become/becoming is such frequencies that necessarily involve the frequencies of the locality. The locality that is changing, rewriting itself. To become/becoming is, first of all, different frequencies/revolutions. Different frequencies/revolutions apply different orders of the place which is WHERE, different scripts of the daily life - the different appears, the different is imagined.

Let's "to become/becoming" unfold even more, and each of you and the locality, of course, too. Each of you, for himself, and the locality with you and for you. From "to become/becoming", the connection is coming out further - to the word - "outline".
The main conventional unit of the Autonomy/Sovereignty is the volume. But the volume appears through the outline. "To become/becoming" allows the volume to become apparent through different outlines, or using different pictures, different topics.

Anyway, a reference point - "the outline" - is defensively emphasized now. The outlines of what? Let's begin with the basis - the outline of time. How does the time appear? How does the scale of time appear? - If turning yourself off of the lineage mind/consciousness?

I want to add the word "iridescent" to the word "the outline" - the iridescent outlines of time. The outlines of the Light. Right now, you're, both, in the old light, respectable one, and in the current light of new outlines, in the light of new revelations. The sense of oneself is gathered bit by bit. It's practically impossible feeling yourself in your entirety. That is, there is Wholeness, but claiming of feeling it directly in yourself won't work. It's not given, because it is the integrity/ Wholeness of the Whole.

Therefore, right now the truest sensations are those that appear on the edges, coming in pieces. And each piece contains a certain mode of behavior of the energy, of the energy consumption. And in this "smallness", in this piece, you seem to be reflected in the light of Eternity. And this piece contains you in the Wholeness, and the past, and the future, which is derived from the present. A piece of light, a "smallness"/a tiny bit of light.

You and I have now come together to a very interesting milestone and event.

I would describe it so - the earthly matter, terrestrial reality, was dimensionless until now. That is, in fact, there was only one size. And this single size was supposed to suit everyone. And now, within the locality, there begins to appear, has dawned a new option - forming various sizes of matter, of the light of the matter.

Imagine that you buy clothes and shoes for yourself. The first thing you pay attention to is the size. The suit should suit you. :-)))) The matter should suit you. It should fit. It should look good. It should be flattering. And now, within the locality, there begins the energy distribution, the movement of energy to allow different sizes of the matter to be shaped. How many sizes should be? - As many as they should be. :-))) It's the Light. The light that is coming from Eternity, and, therefore, the light that can be focused, varying its density, varying the potential range of movements. So, there're definitely applications with different sizes of the earthly "outfits and shoes".

And ... what's interesting - the locality has developed this option and has begun to offer it, but, at the same time, it doesn't know how to offer it. Yes, the merit of the locality is that it's matured enough for this option/function, but it's having such difficulties not knowing how to potentially connect to those who will be wearing these sizes, how to connect to potential carriers and users.

So, here, I count on you, not just me, in fact. How would you call yourself? I know, from time to time you're looking for an optimal definition. I think, anyway, that some links of this status is slipping away from you. Therefore, any definition will be temporary at this time. But the thing is that your connection to the locality has formed, a unique connection. It's a regime that's needed for you and for the locality also. In fact, the togetherness is needed.

Something is born. Something is offered. But everything has to be tested. It has to have its trial period. It has to go through a preliminary "focusing" period before it spreads out across the locality and becomes the basis of the new order, new links on the new order, to be replicated, so to say, among people.

Each of you is unique, but this regime, this status of co-leader of the locality, which you volunteered to take on yourself and are very good at performing, additionally enrich your natural uniqueness. It endows you with additional frequencies/revolutions of life. It means that some frequencies are coming directly from the locality, from the very depth and density. Delivered to you, you test them and spread out further. It's a law of the Earth - there has to be preliminary testing of the Earth, locality, Earthly terrain.

You know the Earth's status and its relation to the Creator. You know that it's a Source/ Spring and that it contains hidden qualities. By definition, what the locality is opening up within itself, it has to test first… by the way, not on an individual level. The “WE” (with a capital W) allows the locality to bring its specific qualities and properties to the level of the population, but only after a trial period.

In your sensations/perceptions of yourself, there is a spark of uniqueness - a performance of your uniqueness that is the uniqueness of you - a conductor whose position is very privileged in relation to the locality. The locality knows that, and you know that too.

So, what do we need to test at the moment? Not accidentally, I began this talk about sizing. We need to work with it, because the locality has some difficulties with it. The locality has developed this option up to a point, and now doesn't know how to continue further - how to offer it to the users, how to give it to those who want to use a matter that is not of the "one-size-fits-all" type, but rather of their own size and radius.

A size is a power, the will, a centering. I mean the size of the matter. It means turning off unnecessary frequencies - waves and emotions - and an optimal interpretation of what is the individual perception of the matter. In this regime, when you obtain your own size of the matter, there can be, of course, other subjects and users, but you seem to contain them in your size of the matter, in your light. You have a privileged status in your specific size. Each of you have a privileged status in your own size of the matter. It means there is no dependency from others. You are free to respond to behaviors, comments, advice, remarks from others but, at the same time, you co-contain them in your own size of the matter. It means that the main status is yours. It means that there are not the tight connections with others which are typical of humanity.

So... where does "your own size" of the matter start?

I think we can play it out as a formal procedure - filling up a form and submitting an application for fitting yourself with your own size, or, at least, supplying yourself with those elements that will allow to create your own sizes of the matter.

Let's do this... we will now begin this procedure and later on you can add more options, additions, notes. Because, right now, this news might be quite shocking and you might not know the parameters needed to make your own size of the matter. So, the most important thing now is to begin. By the way, in any situation, the most important thing is to begin. Later on, there will come in supporters, assistants, supporting energy. And the main responsibility is to begin.

I think that the Creator will say something, and, in any case, you can address these forms, applications to Him. You can address to the locality, but the forms will end up coming to Him anyway, because the Main Design was His.

So... where do we start? What is the first point? I think... You should contemplate on "What are you doing here on Earth?", "What are your deeds?" and "Do you want to continue what you're doing?”, but changing conditions as it becomes possible, using new regimes.

So, the first paragraph of your application, which you describe freely, comes with it. It's an application form for the continuation of the interaction with the Earthly matter, of course, if you really wish to do so. But I would advise you to wish so, because the main thing is here. The Earth as a source/spring, a center that is the main center of all. And do not let all confusions and nuisances, that prevail right now, prevent you from making this choice - submitting an application for forming your own size of the matter. Actually, a matter has been birthed from scratch. It's not a reconstruction of the currently present matter that is very inert and heavy. In any case, this average typical condition of the matter is very difficult, even impossible, to re-design for individual sizes. Therefore, the case is that you appeal to the source - the matter of your size has to be born anew. Anew as a light, but at the same time, there will be a resemblance, coincidences, previous skills/behaviors will be preserved. It's not like you find yourself in a totally different matter, but, nevertheless, it will be a matter that begins from scratch.

For the question "Why you're here and what you're doing here", I'd offer you this answer: You're making discoveries, opening-ups. It's very natural for you - to be discoverers. Discoverer of many tones of this word, meaning, not just a discovery as such, but also the process itself in attempting a shift, removing everything that blocks this process. The status of a discoverer requires also removing what prevents the process of the discovery of free revolutions/new frequencies.

I think, this is a natural interest - to open, to open by yourself, to open with your own eyes, to open new outlines of life and of the matter, yourself. And to share. It's necessary to share. Again, the status of a discoverer is such that the consumption and use of the energy assume the further distribution of what has been discovered. To discover/open and to share, to discover/open and to share. To open and show what you've discovered. And go on... discovering more.

This, I think, is the main inspiration. What to open, how to open, by which means and activities - all of it is very individual and, for now, you cannot even indicate it, yet, in your application form. But all of the wishes you want to express, please express them. This application form is formal, on one side, and informal, on the other. I count on you. I count on that your participation will allow to overcome this bottleneck, the narrow passage, formed now between the matter, that is ready and enables to create different specific sizes of the matter, and a feedback and use of these new functions.

Why there is this bottleneck? Why there are difficulties? The locality has such consumption of the energy that its eyesight can see something and is not able to see something else. If you take on the role of the intermediary between the matter and the potential users, the role of preliminary tester, then you will be able to catch more of what is the eyesight of the locality.

That, what it knows itself, is also slipping away from the locality. However, it can endow you with it, because it has it, even though its eyesight cannot detect it. The eyesight is looking further and higher. Therefore, the locality contains lots of impulses, lots of usefulness, even though, not quite formed, unpacked, but it doesn't see them. But you have an eye that can catch it. An eye that can see the outline of the locality, on one side, but is not in bulk, it is atomized, individual, on the other side.

Therefore, I count on you to help the locality unpacking sizes/dimensions because the locality itself is dimensionless/one-size-fits-all. And it's very difficult to understand sizing for the locality's eyesight, even though it's developed sizes, and wants and is ready to give them to potential users. Exactly, your eyesight has to detect and claim these sizes.

This is my request and my wish - begin to work with your applications. It will be for the goodness of the locality, and the population, and you, yourselves, as developers.

Your eye, your eyesight - try to turn it off of the previous vision, of the previous views, of the equation of the previous. Let your eyesight be the vision of the now, the eyesight of the present time. Exactly in this case, it will be a force, and a center, and a co-creator of the Whole.

Also, the question about the physical body that we touch, one way or another, every time. What do you think about- if there is a connection between your personal look, the appearance of the physical body and what I was talking about the size of the matter, possessing your own size of the matter? Definitely, there is a connection. The body is a natural unifier, a natural companion and a representative of yourself in the matter.

Therefore, it's understandable that an application for obtaining your own size of the matter, one way or another, relates to the body. The body is also refocusing and becomes an organ, a foundation, to be endowed with its own size of the matter. Surely, you've noticed that the behavior of your own body becomes less and less typical, average and reacts more and more to hidden spring mechanisms as if it had its own volume of movements, its own energy charger. It is, in turn, too, preparing everything that unfolds so far behind the scenes, not on the stage, yet - the formation of the principle of the dimension/sizing of the Earthly matter.

When you will be creating/editing/filling up with details your application, think about your body. I don't think you can describe its ideal appearance or catch the ideas about the optimal appearance of your body during the process of sizing the matter. Just remember, the body is the support/foundation of all new conditions of the Earth, therefore, it can’t be the previous body. The previous body seems to leave the stage, but doing it insensibly, bit by bit, by pieces. But it is leaving. Leaving. The same way as the new coming can be detected by little pieces and angles, leaving of the previous is happening through little pieces and angles.

In place of the previous body, another body is declared, formed, constituted, and appears as an organ of another world, as an organ of a different reality.

Your attitude towards the previous body. Well, it's different for everybody, of course - to love, to trust, but at the same time, to not confirm totally its present nature, its current appearance, its present outlines, because your body is the organ of your presence in the matter. You're moving to the regime of "to become/becoming". The matter gives you a size, a dimension. You are becoming the owner of your specific size of the matter. It means that the body that moves and runs all of it - your body - by definition, must be reborn. So, I would advise to refer to the previous body, to its former outlines, with a slight bit of mistrust. Distrust, but very high-conscious. Mistrust which means the transition from the condition of being to the condition of becoming, as a sense to help not to become obsessed with the previous condition. This is a very light mistrust. It can be amusing, and can respond with some amusing moments. And this, too, is re-stretching the thread, rewinding the wires, cables, threads, and ultimately, the conditions of the game and states of light.

I know that you are waiting for the appearance of the Creator. I'm also waiting for Him and I'm happy about what's coming. Feel, please, the naturalness of your connection with the Creator. Last time, it happened immediately very pure, and very natural. The Creator is a natural participant of your reality, the reality of each of you. Call Him if you want. Appeal to Him in the way you want - in those formulations and categories, in which you find yourself natural. Well, I've finished here for now and let Him appear.

The Creator

Yes, I'm God. You feel my frequencies. You feel yourself in my presence. I naturally give you new currents of sensing yourself. My presence is the answer, the guarantee, faith and I'm your natural companion. Everything, that happens to you, is happening in my presence. It doesn't mean thinking constantly about me, appealing to me. Feel yourself free. Feel yourself natural.

My presence will help unfolding new facets of perceiving yourself. These facets will be less and less personal. These will be the facets of an increasingly less personal consciousness. I love myself and everything that is in my presence, everything that I possess. To some extent, it can be said that my loving is also a guarantee. This is a guarantee that love flows into you, by definition, is present. It's built in you. It's mounted into you.

Yes, you can sometimes not feel it. Maybe you feel it, but don't know that what you feel is called love. But I know that. Love can have many shades. This is an impulse, first of all, but the impulse can be made in different nuances of meanings, in different categories. Do not seek yourself in the field of average. Feel your own impulse and be the ancestor/founder of yourself, your own mood, and your lifestyle.

Now, I'd like to give you new additional tones of the Wholeness. Imagine, that I have a flower bud - a bud of the Wholeness. It begins to open right now - right at the moment of our interaction. It has lots of petals. A whirlwind arrives, and petals are whirling around. Pull them towards you. Center them around you. There are enough petals for everybody. In any case, each of you attracts those tones of the Wholeness that are natural to you.

These tones are also loving kindness. Here is my bud. It's opened. And petals have begun their rush. Wholeness is a deed (дело- delo - matter, deed, affair, business, activity, deal, cause, case, job, work, doing, undertaking, act, thing). And it's science. But what if the deed is lacking the Wholeness, if science is limited and cut off of the Wholeness? Then you feel that it is not a real deal, not quite a real deal, not quite real science, because they're deprived of the Wholeness. They possess a Wholeness of very poor quality.

Let's come from the opposite - the Wholeness is a deal. Those petals, that are flying in the air and getting attracted to you, in turn, are like connections to a deal. Connections that are partly earthly, and partly from beyond the physical. These tones of the Wholeness can nourish your specific system of deeds, activities, business, of how you see yourself in movements, how you want to apply yourself within the matter. First of all, you need the spirit of the Wholeness, frequencies/revolutions of the Wholeness. It's dear to you.

Then any business/affair will be attractive. And you will submit a request to me that you want to do more of this thing, because you like it. Because you're opening up more, doing a thing/business/act which is the Wholeness. Those activities that are present now, that you have now in the world. There are pleasant and less pleasant activities. Give them these petals. The petals will unfold/open more within the structure of the activities and the activities/deeds will become more voluminous, more qualitative. The circulation of energy will become weightier, more complete. And you will feel it. You will feel that this activity is more useful than before. You'll feel that the coming benefits are not necessarily in the categories of life that you are familiar with, but simply good. Just benefits of goodness - of something kind, of something good, of something eternal. So, it's a kind of transformation of activities/deeds, the healing of deeds thanks to the Wholeness. Begin with the activities that are present, that you have in your hands right now. But when you use this approach, you will begin to see that new activities appear, that you begin to be attracted by other activities. Because the Wholeness is like a natural connector of everything to everything. Therefore, you'll begin to attract other activities, and other conditions.

In any case, you'll almost never manage to focus on one particular activity, or occupation, or state. Yes, you will have something in the foreground, but at the same time, through the volume of life, you'll feel a lot of things. You'll feel impersonal, feeling a lot of non-personal affairs. And the activity that is a work-in-progress, directly in the foreground, well, this is just a connection and a screen, too. But, in any case, you will be connected, the further the more, with the whole mass of affairs and states. Do not be intimidated by this. Do not blame yourself for not being able to concentrate, that you are spreading energy, that you begin one thing, and then appeal to something else. They're connections. It's the law of connections. Connections that create unity. Connections that shake up the cases and packaging. Connections that open up conditions, that were divisions and separations before that. So, do not be afraid of unexpected exits and passages.

But, at the same time, what you are naturally linked to at the moment is the category with which you are currently communicating. Therefore, treat it carefully, with respect, but at the same time, remember that this is not all in itself, but the current link with all of your world-landscape, which, the further the more, will be your specific size of the matter. Through this mass of deeds that will tie you up (not as a burden, but rather as joy, pleasure), you'll feel a unification, a union with life and you, but not through the union with individual people. Individual people will appear within this mass of deeds. And you'll feel friendship, cooperation, but not in the categories of humanness, rather in categories of the Wholeness.

The Wholeness. Business/deals/activities. A mass of deeds. The condition of unity, and you, as carriers and administrators of the entire Earthly nature.

Those activities that you have now? You perform them and, also, you transform them into something else. What does the Earth expect from you? - not consistency, not rest, not confirmation of what is already known. In those activities that you run, you can naturally catch new elements, and this is very important - these are the new elements that you open in the process, in your usual errands and activities. By discovering these elements, you, in fact, turn previous acts into something new, precisely, by capturing new elements. Well, if so, stir up, shake up these activities, which are now a work-in-progress. You may find it easy to catch new elements, maybe they will fall on you one by one. Begin to shake up.
In turn, this transformation of the previous acts into something else will give a sensation of yourself that you're not as you used to be, that you're becoming, and have become, catching the moments of the new in your usual business, and even in the usual mess.

Yes, it can be said that you look at the matter through the eyes of God, that you see the matter with the eyes of God. And you observe the new elements in the usual affairs and activities, and you transform, and discover a new quality, and radiate extra light.

Now, another point... Acts/affairs/activities/business is coziness.

Maybe someone will have doubts or objections. But I'm talking about activities performed in my presence, in the condition of centering with me. Why do I want to call them coziness? I think you already know this, but feel it more. What is coziness? Coziness is a category of the Eternity. Business/act/affair-"delo"- is an atmosphere/arrangement. An atmosphere is coziness. How to arrange things in such a way as to feel this coziness? Ask these questions. If, perhaps by changing a little the priorities, what do you expect from the activities? What results? In favor of whom? In what conditional units? I would advise you to rely on coziness, to relate to anything in such a way as to feel coziness.

Feeling coziness/comfort is, in a way, a new Earthly quality. It's like you're here but, at the same time, not quite here - here and in the area of the Eternity. Because it's a relation to acts, the idea of deeds, which, of course, is higher than the human dimension.

Do not be discouraged if, maybe not now, but tomorrow or the next days, you will start looking at your activities and find that there is no coziness, quite not enough coziness; that there are discomforts and gaps, and just an uncomfortable situation. Try to reorganize your affairs precisely on the basis that the coziness/comfort should be naturally inherent in your activities. A matter that is the Whole, which is in the Earthly dimension, by definition must exude coziness. If it doesn't, then it must be transformed.
Begin to observe it. Begin to do so. You'll see that your "delo" responds, that other responses appear, and companions begin to assist, but the orientation towards coziness has to come from you - coziness/comfort that is very Earthly but, I'd say, cosmic also, or Earthly-and-cosmic, or Earthly-Whole, or Earthly but not in the category of separation. This feeling of coziness is also an answer. It's an answer for the question "Why are you here?" and "What are you doing here?".


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This is a part of the translation from russian to english of the wonderful session with Volodia the 19.06.2019

:wink: :Well Done :clap aeventi_speciali : Thanks : : Love :

Many thanks to Lana and also to Massimo! : Thanks : :abbracciatona :D : Love :

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Whirling, whirling... sparkles are swirling in the air. Hold your palms up and then rub your palms together in excitement. Let's make it a warmup exercise, and a screensaver. The inflow of sparkling particles is growing, getting bigger and bigger. All is wonderful. At last, we got through to it.

The Earth is The Center, and the Russian ground, the Russian wave is the center of what Earth is all about (I talked about it in our Moscow session and will continue the topic). What kind of light is that, that the Russian wave has? What kind of characteristics does it have? What makes it significantly different from other, also connecting, lights? Do you feel joy? Sort of liveliness/revival? In the body, and as a general sense of yourselves?

It will be and It will awake. (REMARK: Two Russian words that differ only in one letter - "bood-E-t" (to be). "bood-I-t" (to awake). But "to awake" comes first. The "I" comes first ;))) It's sort of "sleeping light", but also kind of awakened, pretty much fully. Yes, still rubbing its eyes, stretching, yawning to shake off such a long deep sleep. But it's awake already. The light is awake.

Let me ... I'd like to compliment those of you who participated in our Moscow meeting in some way, because, that's it, we got through to it. In fact, it did not take too long to wake the light up. But it was necessary to keep doing it. Otherwise, it would have been sleeping longer. It would still be sleeping. So feel this light within yourselves. The light that is pretty much awake, not sleeping anymore. You're legitimate carriers of this light, legitimate administrators of this light. So basically, this light is sacred. So now, we've reached it. That sacred sacrament is open now. And what are we going to do with it? What to create and initiate with it?

Right away, I'd like to say that this light comes with responsibility. It's in our nature to be carriers, and co-carries of responsibility. Until now, we had nowhere to apply it to. Therefore, a will was there - to express your responsibility, to act responsibly. It's exactly that, to be responsible for all - a global (general) responsibility. If in there is an attempt to express it personally, applying to people or relatively individual categories, then the responsibility becomes fragmented, and partly separated from its underlying core nature. Expressed this way, the responsibility becomes as if smeared out - "cannot focus". Yes, if applying efforts, it can be sensed, can be shown. And then... bang... a setback... bang, and what had been done, suddenly crashes, falls apart.

Here I'm talking about Russian Light, Russian cores, what's given to us to begin with. So now the responsibility, that was already set naturally for all of us, which we tried to express properly in vain :))), in one way or another, is swinging additionally and entering a true force, reuniting with its original core ingredients and components. Surely, it's moving further away from the individual human-related responsibility. So that's just the way our responsibility is, that we have in our Russian light - unbounded/limitless/dimensionless. Let's make our responsibility "move back and forth" more and, with that, help it to tune up, also to adjust ourselves, as carriers of this responsibility, to it.
Responsibility is also a scale. It has lots and lots of marks and divisions. This scale is limitless. Right now, our joint responsibility is extending within its unlimited scale. We, of course, support it. Then we subsume/integrate the whole scale of responsibility. It's circulated through all and each of us. It's a stream. The flow of responsibility.

So, how do we live with that? Above all, live naturally. Yes, responsibility obliges, but, at the same time, it guides and gives answers - what and how; where, in relation to what; what kind of energy to attract; what to act on. (Remark: Russian and English words of "responsibility" has a similar "structure". The word contains the root that has a meaning of "an answer" - in Russian, "a response" in English.)

So, it's a friendly kind of responsibility. It's to assist, not to burden, not to overload. So how is our life, each of us, yours and mine too, changing in the light of this original, core-centered responsibility? You can already sense something. Right? It's just because a responsibility has been coming out of the "sleep and not-quite-awaken" mode, it begins to give clues, share all kinds of considerations, like this... "What if you would go to ***" (Volodya is giggling) and sends you in a particular direction or implies that you could go to over here or over there (Remark: Here Volodya plays with words. There is also a "hidden meaning" of this Russian expression that can be used as a slang, similar to "go to hell" and other rude variations of it). You should listen to this responsibility or, at least, you should not suppress it within, even though, with ""What if you would go to ***", it uses quite unclear categories and orientations. Responsibility is still rocking. While it's rocking and swaying, it can get into connection as "a dashed line" with some orientations and specific categories. On one side, you should consider them, on the other side, you should not take them literally, because it's still "a side-to-side" sway. A mega sway. While an amplitude is increasing, the light is radiating. It's radiating outward and becoming more and more sovereign and of the main value and category.

For now, we leave the subject of responsibility and the related questions.

So, we've charged our palms, warmed-up. May the sparkles spread all over your body and everything that is alive within you and around you. We've created such a firework.

I want to irradiate. I like doing it. What does it mean to irradiate?

Well, I'm turning that kind of mode on - switching on the irradiation mode and calling upon particular streams of light into existence. "A stream of light" is a very general name. Each stream has its own face, character, and characteristics. They need to be streamlined, and, anyway, you have to be oriented to them. They need to be dealt with.

So, right now, I want to irradiate you and us by what's on hand. I'm using an on switch. And I want that "the thing" I'm using would help you to recognize yourselves differently, no longer to be the same as before; to be the way to be different from what you used to be. Can we? Do we need to? - To have a desire to open those elements of newness within ourselves bit by bit, to have moments of recognition of "different myself"? Of course, you can if you have a desire, if it happens naturally. But it's happening anyway. Movements are happening. The amplitude is changing. Centering is changing. The angle is changing. Pretty much nothing is the same as it used to be - within ourselves, around us. Reality becomes very, very dynamic. We need to allow ourselves to be drawn into all of it. The process is moving in that direction anyway, only if it's by your choice; if you vote for yourself, different from you as you knew yourself. Your body votes for that, for sure. So do other parts of you. So allow yourself to be naturally drawn into that new dynamic. This dynamic is not just "earthly", but "beyond physical" as well. It is from the "Eternal Earth". It's natural to recognize the difference, the moments of "different", if you notice them, but you don't need to look for them on purpose. No need to focus on them. They exist. It is, too, the sparkles of the new light - colorful sparkles, still chaotic, not quite organized yet. It is a joy also. Joy for everything new; that everything is different from what was before. What was before is leaving and has been written off, moved to a different category, and recalculated in other coordinate systems and categories.

How to express the joy that you definitely feel from time to time? Can joy be ordered? Does it need to be ordered? It does! It does! Joy is not simply just a human emotion. It is just like a calling from the new totality. It's just like a calling from Eternity. It's a calling from a new Earth which is the center of everything, from the Creator. If so, then we can and need to administer this joy. To administer also means to organize it one way or another.

How much joy? How would you measure it? In order to organize something, some material, it's a good idea to know the size of it, or weight, or volume. So how do we define this joy? How much of it do we have? On one hand, it's unlimited, but at each single moment, the particular situation when you feel a burst of joy, it's quite defined - a particular volume, size, stream, inflow. We said before that feeling joy is a sign, confirming the presence of the new reality, the new existence, the new sense of yourself. And now we bring an additional element - that joy can be and need to be administered, that begins with the question "How much?" Every time you feel joy, especially at the moments when you feel pure joy unrelated to anything particular, ask yourself this question: "How much joy am I having?" The stream of joy will sense your question and begin to flow in such a way to give an answer. It's clear that an answer won't be in pounds and kilometers, but in very specific metrics.

But you don't need to know exact numbers. You need to catch responsive frequencies coming from streams of joy, take them, and put them into something. Consider it to be your practical homework for some time to develop a new skill of administrating life in general, mixed with joy. A process of administration begins with the question "How much?"

Okay, once again, let's return to the topic of responsibility related to light and light-performance of the Russian wave, Russian quintessence. Although in principle, responsibility is limitless, does it mean that potential carriers and co-holders are responsible for everything? - For seemly their own, or seemly anyone else's, for what's happening in the world with everyone in the world? Let's put it this way... Responsibility is a quality. We mean the awake responsibility that just awakened and got charged by its own underlying core components. This responsibility is of such a quality that is not compatible with untrue interpretations and corruptions. Yes, it's the responsibility for the whole world, which is "the world for all", which is a true interconnection. But if there is such a quality of responsibility which is from Eternal life, from God, then by definition, it cannot be applied to what is corrupted, what is an error, a false reality. This is an incompatibility of qualities, an incompatibility of logics.

Therefore, that responsibility, that you had before until now and used it somehow, was deficient due to the fact that it was in "sleep mode" all the time. The movements were deficient. So, right now, if you want, of course, let's give away the old responsibility and, in exchange, we'll receive a responsibility of a new quality, which is Wholeness. It's a responsibility, by its nature, that doesn't allow corruptions. So let the previous version of responsibility go and, in exchange, receive the new one with additional features, including the connection with the Russian light.

Even though this responsibility is grander and limitless, it's lighter and more natural. It's not a burden in no way. In fact, it's a friend, a helper, an advisor. You should try it on. Right now, it's coming your way somehow, beginning to exist within you and spreading out. But you have to get used to it. This new outfit is quite substantial. It needs to be figured out how to let it in to the world; how it wants to enter the world. Due to its own wholeness, it manages well all harmonization, all considerations. It gets green light at all intersections.

......... Here Vladimir was talking about the music of Russian language and its quality of being of “a lot of different calibers".

A lot of different calibers is not exactly meanings or multiple meanings. It's like a pulsing of the energy. It has lots of life, a mass of life.

What would you like? Let's focus on "wanting". It's not just "a wanting" but a wanting that is nourished with Russian quintessence. I'm not talking about a wanting "in Russian" or like "Russians do". It's "a wanting" that uses a colorful “lot-of-different-calibers” mass.

Is it easy to want? Is it easy to know what you want? I think, first of all, wanting has to be a natural unfolding of what energies want. As a rule, energies usually want what is natural for them, what is in their nature. If your wanting focused the way that supports at its best the wanting of all little physical energies, it's an incredible synergy. Then your desires will be fulfilled. They'll get green light. It means (he chuckles) that you're required to have a different kind of wanting, not quite human-like. Although it's already rather difficult for you to have human desires. How to move up to that new level of wanting? I propose doing it through a mass of “lot-of-different-calibers” that Russian language is all about which is a way ( Russian word LAD - a way, a mood, a good fit, a style, a musical scale, synergy/coherence, an order), and the essence.

Forget about wanting something specific. Forget those things that your desires were used to relate to. You should want in a different way. You should want now through a language that is a mass, a portal. It will allow your desires to be crystallized into different categories of summoning energies, calling upon them, roll call. If you want something, then you want your desire to be fulfilled. You want a particular satisfying result. Right? Well, something like that. So, your wanting when using the portal of the Russian language as a mass of “lot-of-different-calibers” will bring your desires to successful results and fulfillment. Wanting is an important beginning. But wanting in terms of isolated categories is quite futile. Wanting, using mass as a portal, is certainly promising, however mass has a huge volume, quite unmanageable. What to do then? “Lot-of-different-calibers” will help you.

Now, all together, let's spread a new way of wanting, that is different from the way you had your desires until now. And that also includes coming from the Russian wave. We don't say exactly what we want, we just want. Focus on the feeling of wanting. Wanting is such a wonderful feeling. It's very vulnerable when you depend on specific goals and aims, because you need to choose them first. And then, what if what you've chosen doesn't work? You're vulnerable again. Then it's better to restrain yourself from desiring to avoid disappointments. But desiring is such a lively state of beingness. It gives such a wonderful feeling of such an alive connection of yourself with life. Therefore, life grants you desires. How can you not desire? Therefore, you have to want. But what to want? How to want? It's very hard to want something in terms of isolated categories, because everything is connected to everything else. So recently, I've been busy doing exactly that - refining a freshly minted mechanism of desires. Must admit, I'm very pleased.

So, yes, wanting is natural and the Earthly landscape/locality wants us to want. When we desire, everything gets moving, seeking and happening.

Desiring/wanting is a lifestyle... such as... now... non-personal... above individuality... If the mechanism of wanting has been transforming this way, then the organ of wanting is not the same anymore either. What kind of organ did you use to desire before? Well, the organ of human-like desire, to desire as humans do. And now you begin to sense an organ of wanting that resides in the Eternity. You have desires while being within an Earthly environment, but the organ of wanting, the light of it, is coming from eternal life. So, you sense some confusion with regards to your wanting, just because the previous wanting has not disappeared yet, the one that appeals to isolated categories. But it gives way to another kind of wanting which is from both, an earthly locality and eternal life.

That's why confusion takes place. The most important thing is you're desiring. Let it all be. A new wanting is called to life. It's coming. Naturally, you, too, possess and wield this new wanting. Looking ahead, can we use this new wanting for something specific, anyway? Here “lot-of-different-calibers” comes to the rescue. It's like debugging our unrestrained desire, a mass of desires - debugging, staging, and assigning some specific units of the entire volume of the locality. Do you feel a difference between “lot-of-different-calibers” wanting, coming from an entire mass, and the previous isolated desire? The former is from the Whole, the latter is from separation, disunity. So, what kind of “lot-of-different-calibers” can we call upon right now, during our session? What do we all want?

(a long pause)

Being silent, doesn't mean I took a pause. It means mechanisms of desires getting activated and they are searching all kinds of trajectories, all different sizes, in different directions. This freshly minted wanting is very loving, because it's from Eternal life. In your new wanting, that you will sense from now on, I think, you will notice a particular flavor of it, such as...

"To give. I can give. I want to give." It doesn't mean that you don't need anything, that you've got everything. But this freshly minted wanting is built upon a natural desire to share, to give, to assist energies, to be friend with life. It's like a platform. You want to give first, which has a format that allows you also to receive, to take. What and how? - It comes in coordination with the locality. You've got so much to give. First of all, you give your state of wholeness that grew on you so much that you may not even notice it anymore. You possess it, anyway. You can share it with the whole wide world. Is it labor-intensive? Energy-consuming? Above all, it's natural. If you're a carrier of the Whole, then you naturally share it with anyone else. The wholeness is just pouring out of you outward. Maybe you did not know it was a wanting, that it was the beginning of a true desire. Maybe you felt it in some different ways. But it is a desire.

Right now, you're given and set as a force of the Earth. You - the participants of this session, and the ones who will listen to and feel your own resonance later on. You, who get yourself under the force of the main field in one way or another. This status of the force of the Earth is accompanying and guiding. It is an organic connection to the locality. Howbeit, whatever it is, you're a force of the Earth. And this force always reveals itself. You're with the force.

Now, may I express my desire. You, I think, will agree with me - "I want, we want to wield new energy." You want, don't you? You want. I want. Partly, it's been already happening. We do partly operate with them. "New energy" is not just freshly new, freshly minted, or energy of "the beyond" that never existed here. Not at all. It's also an energy that had been sleeping until now and is beginning to awaken now. They were sleeping, locked in, colorless, somewhat undeveloped. The energy is not the way as they used to be. So, there is such a desire to wield these new kinds of energy. Fingers itch. Fingers itch and the forces of the Earth are eager, too. Right now, I'm going to affirm at the top of my voice: "I want to wield new energy! I do! I do! I do!" Join me, please. "New energy" is, too, a very specific topic. We can talk a lot about it - why, how, where from, etc. But we can just not bother with details and take the term "new energy" and know that we can and have to manage and wield them.

How? What's the secret? How does this management differ from previous management skills? Well, the main thing is Light. Light is the precursor for anything else to come - any specific units of the dimensions of life represented on Earth. So this light is already "not sleeping". It means the condition of "awake" spreads everywhere one way or another. All energies, from small to big ones, represent this condition anyway. So how to manage them? First of all, refer to them as "awakened energies". It's not possible, it's wrong to deal with them as if they're sleeping because they are awake. Previous management skills were focused on "sleeping" energies. Then those skills are not useful any more. New energy management skills must be developed. We can try some kind of a spell, or simply, a note - while you're doing something, some activity or work, you can say to yourself, referring to those energies, "I know that you're not sleeping any more, my dear wonderful energy. I know you're awake". Make dominant this attitude towards the energies - that you recognize them awakened. By the way, it will help them awaken even more, because some of them may be awake, but haven't fully recovered from sleep mode. Hear you as with a friendly reminder for yourself and for them, "I know, guys, that you're not sleeping. Come on, show me what you can do in the awakened state. I'm fully aware of you, paying attention. Asking you. Asking you." You can use this in any situation, even in your daily routine. Energy is awake.

Right now, I feel so much power - such an explosive power, the power of happiness, the triumph of life, the power of naturalness. Join it. Align yourself to it. Make your own power focused. Focus more on your own sense of power. It's enough of “lot-of-different-calibers” here, but the power is the main focus.

Now... let me bring my music closer to you. What comes from me is not only words, not only touch, not only the breath and breeze. Above all, it's music. It might contain words, and expressions, and considerations. I want to share this music with you, with the whole world. I want to bestow it on you. I want to irradiate.

You're all so different. It's funny sometimes to see how you pretend to be the same, as if you've been constant, but I can see how different you all are. Sometimes you feel your difference as a mirage, thinking, “Is it me or not? Maybe it's not me". And you go back to the "as-if-constant" you, considering yourself to be a subject of a constant reality. You're all different. I'm different too. Just because the sensation of ourselves as constant is just for show, does it mean that we don't need anything to organize and keep under our control? It's necessary to always create orders. Life is about creating orders - managing/organizing movements, energies, intentions. You can and should manage yourselves as variable, and as different from..., non-constant. Allow yourselves to do it. It's easier to breathe, isn't it? Sense yourselves that today's you are not quite connected to yesterday's you, and you owe nothing to the one who is from yesterday. It helps "current you" to be more beneficial, full-fledged, alive, empowered. You're always variable. Imagine it like a fan - todays is one picture, tomorrow is another one. And all these pictures are connected to each other like a fan, but the layout is different every time. Right now, it's not that easy to accept it. Some movements need to be done yet to strengthen flows. But when you recognize and understand that logic, you'll have so much fun, and become lighter. You'll gain so much ease, uncontrollably, just because you'll feel, that despite of anything, you exist. That says it all! Reality matches this, and plays with it, and gets colored. Many realities can exist, but the essence of it is that you exist. ...

Currently the mechanism of "wanting" is very important. Much depends on me. It's amusing to observe what's going on with energies that just recently were sleeping but are not anymore. Practically before our eyes, they become active, beginning to touch themselves, and to look around and at themselves with such an astonishment and disbelief. - How was it possible to be sleeping? Was it really us? Did it really happen to us? Just like little children (he chuckles). Really, very amusing to watch them.

Q: Another exciting topic is about how you revive and re-order what I like. Can you give more details about it?

A: Of course, I can. And I'm pleased to hear this question. Let's make yourself sit at the desks like good students do. Put your current "I like" somewhere close to you (not necessary on the desk). No need to get the whole list, especially, you, probably don't even remember all you like. Take just one element out of what "I like". What does "I like" suggest? - On one hand, it's something pleasant, something that gives satisfaction and joy, something perceived as to be right. At the same time, it's not superlative, at least, it's just slightly superlative. Let your "I like" come out from a hideout and sit beside you. If you allow, I invite them and suggest them to go through an additional process. I'm not going to explain up front what kind of process is that, what will happen, what will get strengthened or weakened. Just like this - if you trust me, then "welcome". I open the door to my lab, and let your "I like" march toward me. There is enough room for everything. The space is huge. Each of your "I like" naturally takes the place that is appropriate for the one. And let me keep my secrets. I know everything about the process but I’m not going to reveal the technology. I promise that after processing your guys, your "I like" will shine with new colors, maybe with new features, then they'll come back under your wing, and look after them, please, because they will absorb the power of Vladimir. They will be fertilized by me therefore they will be mine and yours. I'll put my power into them, so something will open to you through them on our joint wave. Maybe some of those "I like" will suggest additional revolutions or will initiate something else, or it might just begin to sparkle with a new light. We'll see. We'll experiment. At least, nothing bad will happen. That's for sure. How long does it take for the process? When should we expect them to come back? The process is quite quick. It's like a very intensive irradiation, a turn on. Then I will also make them stay here, with me, a bit longer so that they could communicate with each other. They might become friends and might exchange phone numbers and addresses. Then they will keep in touch with each other afterward. That will add some more synergy. And you will get more light and joy.

You might think right now that you have not understood fully what “lot-of-different-calibers” is. I think, it might be so - you understood something, and something could have slipped away from your understanding, it's just because “lot-of-different-calibers” is a "come-through" state. It is from present life and from future life as well. Pay attention to nuances and tones. Try to measure everything that can be measured, not in the typical categories, but in the ones that will be born within you. Remember? - "How much joy?" Measure everything. Measure even what already has its fixed measurements within human conditions - time, space. Measure in different categories. Find your own specific units of measurement, your own calibers. Through them, you'll see life flowing. A new order of life will flow through them.

I understand that you're still connected to familiar calibers and units of measurement somehow, but nothing stops you from using alternatives. Do it at the moments when you feel it's coming naturally to you. There should not be any efforts or an obligation. It should be creativity, relief, joy, discovery, and a feeling of interconnectedness.

Let's finish with this... with our desire which is limitless, eternal and earthly. In the center of it, we place Irina. We place and that's all. We won't ask or desire anything particular. We just place her in the center of our wanting and let it overflow her.

Do you feel how everything has been unrestrained and natural today? As one inspiration. That's because, besides other things, we reached it, as well! - Successfully began, successfully finished, and successfully continue doing all of it.

Warm hugs. Till next time!

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